Meal Prepping: 3 Ways to Make the Most of It

Meal prepping has been on the top of everyones mind since Covid-19. Given such a hectic world, people seem to run about trying to get to one place from another, at shorter periods. This makes grabbing food almost impossible to do, which is why fast food has become a booming industry.
Unfortunately, too much fast food has caused health to deteriorate, so wellness experts and
enthusiasts continuously scour for ways to balance health and chaotic schedules. The answer?
Meal prepping!
Luckily, it’s not as all-consuming as you might think. To ensure that you get the best experience
out of meal prepping (and hopefully embrace it fully!), here are quick and easy tips for you:

Cook up a sustainable plan

The key to your meal prepping success is a sustainable plan. Take a minute to read about
healthy meals, as you need to ensure that you’re allowing your body enough nutrition with your
chosen meals. Make sure to ponder on cookbooks and online recipes, ensuring that you have
the right ingredients and utensils, especially when it comes to preferences. Do you only have an
hour or two every Sunday to cook for the rest of the week? A slow-cooker lamb stew may not be
the most ideal of meals, so stick to baked beans and broccoli instead!
A sustainable meal plan also involves taking the weather into consideration. As you prepare for
the winter months, consider gathering hearty soup recipes and delightful stews. For the warm
months, salad with protein can be stored in mason jars and airtight containers, to be grabbed as
Above all, make sure to handle your leftovers properly. You may want to freeze them for
another week but bear in mind that food can only be left for up to four days.

Keep your pantry loaded

A good meal prepping experience cannot be complete without having a cornucopia of food by
your side. To get you started, make sure to take a trip down your local grocery and stock up on
the basics. This should include the following items:
● Vegetables: These are perfect for soups, sauces, casserole dishes, and stews. Don’t
hesitate to get them fresh or canned, as they could be perfect ingredients for pasta
● Dairy: If your diet permits, stocking up on dried milk is also a good idea. They’re best for
coffee and tea, whereas evaporated milk is best for cooking with your chosen recipes.
● Protein: You’ll need a lot of protein on your plates (or in this case, containers!), so make
sure to get canned or dried kidney beans, black beans, and lentils. They can be used in
salads, stews, and even soups, and can also be used as an accompaniment to various

● Grains: A pantry filled with grains is a pantry that keeps you energized and ready for the
weeks. Make sure to keep whole-grain cereals and oatmeal for mornings. Barley,
quinoa, and brown rice are also good sources of energy, making mealtimes more
interesting. Pasta is also non-negotiable, so make sure to graph penne, ziti, and

Enjoy your kitchen time

You’re likely spending most of your time seated on your work desk, so think of your meal
prepping times as a way to relax. It’s not just about eating healthy or achieving your goal
weight—it’s about enjoying the discipline and freedom that comes with what follows.
Taking some time off to cook and plan sets you free from difficult decisions, freeing yourself
from choosing greasy food. You’ll have food right there, prepared with intention and love. By
enjoying your kitchen time, you allow yourself to grow—in relationships, career, and of course,

Meal Prepping For The Soul

Meal prepping has slowly made its way to the limelight, as it allows people to save time and
money, all the while helping them stay healthy. It’s essentially a healthy eating habit, but as with
all habits, it can be rather difficult to build. It requires time, effort, and discipline, along with
countless food containers. With these tips, however, you break down all the misconceptions
surrounding it—because, underneath all the food containers, you find your health, good
intentions, and freedom like no other.
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Published By Michael Casciello


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