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We’re local Nashville Private Chefs
with a passion for food and years of experience in a variety of cuisines.

So, magnetic personalities, captivating good looks and quick wit aside, you’ll be immersed in one of our two entertainment services. The best part is, we bring everything including the food, equipment and cleaning supplies. Our Culinary Ninjas will clean and leave without a trace. As the prophet Lil Wayne once said, “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”.

Some More About Nashville

Explore Downtown Nashville on the banks of the Cumberland River with walkable neighborhoods spreading into the surrounding Tennessee hills!. When people hear “Music City, USA”, they know we’re talking about Nashville! Famous for the Grand Ole Opry and country music, Nashville welcomes and hosts all music genres! Songwriters, musicians, actors and artists all bring creative energy to the vibrant Nashville arts experience!

Nashville is also nicknamed “Athens of the South” for its deep commitment to culture and education with 24 post secondary institutions–Vanderbilt University being one of the most well known. Add in beautiful parks and liveable neighborhoods, entertainment venues, honky tonks, shopping, and a special place in American history, and you’ll see why locals and visitors enjoy the Music City!

Since 1828 the Nashville Farmers Market has been providing fresh local food sourcing for chefs and cooks! Foodies love Nashville cuisine specialties like “low and slow” BBQ, Hot Chicken, and Meat & Three. Prep techniques for Hot Chicken include marinating in buttermilk, breading and deep or pan frying. The special ingredient is the “spice paste”! Secret “spice paste” ingredients and exact timing of the paste application make each Hot Chicken dish unique among chefs. Our creative Nashville chefs are among the best in town, preparing exceptional meals, in a range of cuisines, for your family and friends.

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