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Chef Brandon Sebastian

I began my culinary journey filling dressing bottles for a chain restaurant 22 years ago at the age of 15. Something just clicked, and I never wanted to look back. Bartenders were the wild ones, the dishwashers were the crazy ones, and the cooks…were the royalty of the restaurant. I may have been a late bloomer, but after graduating culinary school in 2013, and then 31, the fire inside led to a revolution in my understanding of how to create flavor and connect diners to my experiences through my food.

Some More About Savannah

Experience the historic fabric and immersive charm of Savannah-the oldest city in Georgia. Stroll the Downtown Historic District cobblestone streets with 22 park squares, monuments, historic southern homes, museums, majestic public buildings and towering Live Oak trees.

The Downtown Victorian District hosts the iconic Forsyth Park and Fountain–a popular tourist attraction and local gathering spot. The neighborhood is home to classic Victorian Homes with all the period details and colors. Tourists love the Victorian experience, staying at the District’s Bed & Breakfasts.

Everyone enjoys the lively entertainment scene in Savannah! Music festivals and the St Paddy’s Day Parade are big local celebrations! Don’t miss a visit to River Street! Discover River Street artist studios, boutique shops, galleries, open air market, and restaurants. The Savannah River views are spectacular from the rooftop bars! Sign up for a water tour by kayak or a ghost tour on land! A Riverboat Cruise is a must!

Savannah is famous for its coastal cuisine! This riverfront port city is 20 miles from the Atlantic Ocean! Savannah chefs create sophisticated seafood dishes featuring fresh shrimp, crab and oysters!

Our creative Savannah chefs will prepare exceptional southern, coastal meals for your family and friends!

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