Philadelphia Freedom With Full-Service Catering

Hosting a party should be fun, so Food Fire + Knives brings Philadelphia the freedom of full-service catering with a personal chef. Our innovative approach to catering frees hosts from the kitchen, food shopping, cooking, and cleaning. We’re the total party package you’ve been waiting for!

FFK connects you to a network of incredible local chefs and gourmet cuisine your guests will love. Our online booking process makes reserving your FFK chef easy and with your competitive pricing, your budget is respected. And you’ll never feel the bite of hidden fees, with FFK.

Choose Your City, Date, Chef, & Menu

Within 48 Hours Your Chef Will Contact You

We Bring It All! Food, Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

About Your Private Chef Catering Experience

FFK’s commitment to excellence reaches its pinnacle with our skilled chefs. Not only are they culinary masters, they’re eager to share their knowledge with your guests. Food and prep tips and lively banter make your event an interactive affair, transcending what’s expected. With numerous international cuisine specialties and a world of experience, your FFK chef elevates your party with a touch of chef-to-foodie magic.

Catering That Does It All in Philadelphia

When you’re ready to book, enter the location and date of your event, then select from our listings of talented personal chefs in Philadelphia. Choose from your FFK chef’s a la carte menus. Within 48 hours, you and your culinary pro will be discussing your choices and how to tailor them precisely to your needs! Then what? Then, you kick back and anticipate a home-entertaining triumph!

You don’t lift a finger except to open the door to your fully-loaded FFK chef, bearing all the required food and equipment. But also packed along are cleaning supplies, because your chef restores your kitchen to gleaming cleanliness when all’s said and done. While you recover from your festive exertions, FFK does it all, down to the scrubbing!

An Entertaining Triumph With FFK

Throw that party but skip the work, with the freedom of Philadelphia’s most innovative catering provider, Food Fire + Knives. When FFK comes to play with your food, fire, and knives, magic happens and your guests go home on a cloud of culinary joy. Discover a fresh, new way to throw a party. Reserve your personal chef today!