Impeccable Dallas Catering

Love entertaining at home but hate the work that comes with it? Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else would show up to do it all? That’s what Food Fire + Knives is all about. We bring you a Dallas personal chef who frees you to party. With FFK, you don’t shop for food, you don’t cook the food, and you don’t clean up the kitchen! Our chefs provide a comprehensive service that sets party hosts free.

FFK’s esteemed customers are also extended 24/7 service, competitive pricing, and total transparency that guarantees you’ll never feel the bite of hidden fees. FFK has changed the catering game across the USA, offering an innovative model that frees hosts to party down.

Choose Your City, Date, Chef, & Menu

Within 48 Hours Your Chef Will Contact You

We Bring It All! Food, Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

About Your Private Chef Catering Experience

There’s more to an FFK chef than playing with your food, fire, and knives. Our fully-vetted, personal chefs in Dallas engage with your party guests, sharing food prep tips, kitchen lore, and scenes from the life of a culinary pro.
As you and your guests enjoy the excitement of hearing about the evening’s gourmet cuisine, your food is sizzling right in front of you. Talented, specialized, and endlessly fascinating, our culinary experts add interactive engagement that makes your party sparkle.

Easy Dallas Catering

Your reservation is just clicks away with FFK’s easy booking process! Enter your party’s date and location to view a list of our personal chefs. Select your favorite, then view associated a la carte menus. Choose the dishes you like. In under 48 hours, you’ll be adjusting the food to your preferences with your culinary pro!

An FFK chef shows up with all the food and equipment and supplies for cleanup because with FFK, you really don’t lift a finger. Chef has it all covered! And you? You’re free to party!

The Easiest Party Ever, With FFK!

Ready to host the easiest party ever? FFK has arrived, bringing you Dallas catering that’s a cinch to book and a joy to behold! Throw the easiest party ever with the professionals at FFK and our network of outstanding chefs. Reserve now for an exemplary culinary experience your guests will never forget!