A Private Chef Dinner Party for Your Bachelorette

How It Works

A night in should be fun, exciting, and delicious.
Enjoy your guests. We’ll take care of the rest.

Bachelorette parties are fun, a little crazy, and loaded with laughs shared by friends. One of you is tying the knot and that’s a big deal! A private chef dinner party is not only a distinctly delicious way to celebrate, it’s tasteful in the best way possible.

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Hiring a private chef for your bachelorette party gives you bragging rights. It’s a boss move! You enjoy a milestone celebration without worrying about shopping, cooking, or cleaning. All you need to do is book, choose the bride’s favorite items from your chosen culinary pro’s associated menus, then consult to adjust your selections to your tastes. With a fabulous meal in the hands of a culinary professional, you’re free to bask in the pleasure of the moment!

A Private Chef Dinner Party is a Culinary Happening

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Because a bachelorette party is such a momentous occasion, the bride deserves to celebrate in delectable culinary style. We make hiring a private chef easy, with a talent-studded roster of amazing professional chefs, available in cities across the USA. Our national network of private chefs brings you the best of everything and sublime gourmet food for your dinner or bachelorette party!

FFK makes connecting to the right chef simple. Book your private chef with us and within 48 hours, you’ll get a response from your selected culinary pro for a menu consultation. Because FFK’s menus are a la carte, your chef works with you to realize your vision. FFK makes bringing the culinary swag to your bachelorette party simple and deliciously rewarding. You take the event from “party” to “culinary happening” with just a few clicks!

You Deserve a Private Chef Dinner Party

Party the Right Way

Celebrate tying the knot in the tastiest way! Choose from a great selection of foods for the bride and your best friends to enjoy before her big day. FFK’s skilled and entertaining chefs know how to make your night one for the books. They’ll delight you while they’re preparing the food, engaging you and your guests with back-of-the-house culinary secrets!

A Private Chef for Your Bachelorette Party Takes It Off the Hook

From gathering the ingredients to cleaning up the kitchen, FFK takes care of everything so you can focus on having the time of your life. Inviting a private chef to elevate your bachelorette to a dinner party for the ages creates joyful memories!

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Effortlessly Fabulous

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Food Fire + Knives makes sure your bachelorette party is unforgettable with a coast-to-coast network of incredibly gifted, professionally proven chefs across the USA. Not only does your chef buy the food, cook it, and then clean up after the party with supplies brought along for that purpose, they entertain you and your guests.

That’s part of the fun when you book with FFK. Your chef is a raconteur who’ll make your evening an interactive joy! FFK is committed to bringing you the finest in home entertaining, offering superlative culinary experiences. Reserve your private chef today for a bachelorette dinner party you’ll never forget!

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“The quality of the food was amazing, very fresh, locally sourced, on par with any 1-2 star Michelin venue. Plus, the chefs were SO nice and engaging, eager to teach our family about cooking and the area. Also note that their prices are significantly better than other competitor personal chefs. I HIGHLY recommend!!!”

— Krishna

“All of the dinners including various appetizers, salads, entrées and desserts used only the finest ingredients and were plated as if you were in a five-star restaurant.If you are looking for the convenience and comfort of eating a five-star meal from your home I would highly recommend Mike and his team at Food, Fire and Knives for a culinary experience.”

— Jeff B

“I LOVED my experience with this company! From my very first email asking questions, to the experience itself, to the follow up call with the owner of the company asking how it went, Food Fire + Knives is an A+!”


“Chef Ed Renken was amazing! On top of cooking us a delicious meal he was extremely personable and made sure we had a great time. I highly recommend and would definitely hire him again! Thanks chef!”

— Tabitha