Hiring a Private Chef: How It Works

“People ask me why I like being a chef. I tell them that I get to play with food, fire, and knives — basically all the things your parents tell you not to play with.”

— Michael Casciello, Founder, Food Fire + Knives

At Food Fire + Knives, we’re all about creating exciting experiences around incredible cuisine. Our chefs are fun, interesting people who like to have a chat as they cook for you. They’re passionate about their craft and like nothing better than to see you enjoy the food with your guests.

Our platform lets you bring home the restaurant experience by helping you hire a world-class private chef in your locality. Imagine the convenience of a chef that comes to your home to prepare a menu that you’ve picked out, all at the same cost or less of going to a nice restaurant.

Our service is perfect for all kinds of occasions — large parties with a chef and catering for the night or just a simple dinner for two that you’d like to make special. It takes minutes to make a reservation. All you have to do is select your menu and we’ll take care of the rest!

How to Hire a Private Chef for Your Event

Make a Reservation

  • Pick a place, date, and time.
  • Select your chef and menu. (Each chef offers different menus which are fully a la carte. Simply choose the dishes you want for your occasion.)
  • Add details like the number of guests and any special instructions.
  • Pay for your reservation. Make any changes or even cancel up to a week before your event for a refund.

Your Chef Contacts You

  • After you’ve made a reservation, the private chef you’ve hired will reach out within 48 hours to confirm the details and coordinate their arrival.
  • If you’ve added any special dietary restrictions or event instructions, they’ll work with you to implement those.
  • And if you’ve chosen placeholders you’ll be able to select your menu in your dashboard up to 7 days before your event.

Watch the Magic Happen

  • Your chef will arrive with everything they need, including ingredients, cooking equipment, and cleaning supplies. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the day with your guests.
  • The cleanup is included too! Hire a private chef with us and know that we’ll likely leave your kitchen cleaner than when you gave it to us.

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TWO New Features:

Kids menus + reserve now and choose later

Now catering to the big and small

Not sure of your menu? Choose ‘placeholders’ then 7 days before your event, select your menu right in your host dashboard

About Our Chefs

All the chefs who work with us are experienced individuals and have spent at least one year working as an Executive Chef, Sous Chef, or in an equivalent capacity. They’re thoroughly vetted through background checks and interviews and in many cases, even their menus have been professionally validated and tested by a panel of reviewers (look for the FFK Certified badge).

Unfortunately we’ve all heard horror stories of chefs that are supposed to come to your home and never show up, but when you hire a private chef at Food Fire + Knives, you’re guaranteed quality and reliability.

Experience a variety of cuisines with chefs specializing in both local and international delicacies. Feel free to interact and learn from your chef throughout their time with you. Our service also includes insurance for your chef.

Planning a really special occasion? They’re kind of our thing. Make an inquiry today! Consult our FAQs for more information on hiring a private chef at Food Fire + Knives. Feel free to reach out to us with questions about our service.

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