Be a Chef

As chefs, we work in one of the toughest and lowest-paid industries out there. The typical chef life of studying for four years at an expensive culinary school, while barely making enough money for rent, let alone to pay back those student loans, is not sustainable.

Food Fire + Knives was founded to support chefs by providing freedom of creativity, schedule flexibility, and supplemental income.

Our platform empowers local chefs across the country to find customers for private cheffing jobs, catering gigs, and unique dining experiences. We bring you the business, handle the billing, and talk to the customers, while you do what you love most – the cooking!

Private Chef Personal Chef Catering

Be Creative

A big part of setting up this company was to enable private chefs to show off their cooking chops in ways that aren’t possible in conventional restaurant settings.

There’s no limit to the number of regular menus you can create on our platform. You can even go on to create enhanced menus to showcase advanced techniques and recipes.

Create Your Own Schedule

Restaurant shifts can make it notoriously difficult to pursue independent opportunities. Our platform offers you private cheffing jobs in your locality and on a schedule that works for you.

When you join our platform, you can select your availability, including days of the week and time slots. You can also choose what locations you serve by setting your own commute radius.

Private Chef Personal Chef Catering
About Private Chefs

Get Paid Weekly

Our platform lets you set your own prices and menus. You receive the entire per-guest total for each private cheffing job you book minus a small chef commission, which we reinvest into attracting more customers.

Once you’re on the platform, we can also help you get FFK certified, which will make your menu more visible to customers.

Ready to show your customers what you’ve got?

Apply here to join our nationwide network of private chefs.

The single most interesting component to any restaurant is the CHEF, tucked away in the kitchen.

Now get in front of your guests and show them what you’ve got!