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Welcome, chefs! Food Fire + Knives is an online reservation platform connecting skilled culinary professionals with food lovers in cities from coast to coast. We’re always looking for talented chefs to join us in our mission to bring the best of fine dining to foodies all over the USA, right in their own homes.

We started this enterprise because we wanted to provide hardworking, passionate chefs like you with great opportunities. We enable you to earn the satisfying pay your hard work deserves and the freedom to cook the kind of food that fires your endless creativity. We offer private cheffing jobs for parties and events but also for people going on vacations or requiring personal chefs at home and work.

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Private Chef Personal Chef Catering

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Jobs by Chefs for Chefs

So, why do we care about connecting talented chefs with food lovers? Because we’re chefs ourselves! We know that traditional restaurants don’t offer the kind of freedom chefs need or compensation that rewards your work and skill adequately.

Our private chefs set their own availability for jobs, choosing when to work with us. In addition, we pay you your per-guest total for each event you do every week, with a small commission that’s reinvested back into the company. You can also become FFK certified, ensuring your menus are seen by more potential hosts. Best of all, it’s all in your local area and you decide what’s “local”!

FFK set up this fully-online reservation platform to showcase the art of chefs, offering superior gigs with excellent compensation, creative freedom, and scheduling flexibility.

The single most interesting component to any restaurant is the CHEF, tucked away in the kitchen.

Now get in front of your guests and show them what you’ve got!

Well-Paying Private Chef Opportunities

FFK’s founders became chefs so we could do what our mothers told us not to – play with food, fire, and knives to create food that leaves people wanting more. We’re willing to bet that’s why you became a chef too.

With the freedom of private cheffing jobs, you write your own ticket and your own menus. You set the prices. You get connected to foodies who love what you’ve got to offer and can’t wait to experience your culinary mastery!

Free to create and earn the pay you deserve for your talent and effort, catering gigs with FFK set you free to bring your best to local kitchens. Creating unlimited menus, you can even offer next-level selections that showcase advanced techniques and recipes.

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FFK manages the business, the billing, and the reservations, while you wrangle the food, fire, and knives. With our innovative catering model, you’re liberated to do what you love best – cooking exceptional food that leaves diners glowing with culinary satisfaction!

Let’s talk about Food Fire + Knives’ private cheffing opportunities and how we can revolutionize catering together! Apply here to join the team!