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Just when you thought you knew everything about catering in Boulder, along comes Food Fire + Knives. Our approach to catering is fresh, connecting people who love extraordinary food with the culinary professionals who make the magic happen. FFK has elevated the art of Boulder catering, so hosts can forget about everything except having a stellar time.

Our chefs don’t just work culinary magic; they source all the required food. And then, they clean up after your event. You’re free to reconnect with your invited guests, while FFK does the heavy lifting.

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Make any special occasion tastier with our customizable catering menus in Boulder.

Discover local and international culinary maestros in Boulder. Our private chefs pride themselves on providing unique, unforgettable experiences for their guests. Enjoy next-level hospitality with chef-led catering in Boulder.

Catering Boulder Made Easy

Cater your next party with Food Fire + Knives and discover culinary excellence that comes straight to your kitchen. We’re a network of accomplished chefs in cities across the USA, connecting fans of great eating with the culinary pros who know how to create it. With a wealth of specialties, our chefs meet FFK’s precipitously high standards to deliver a consistently superior standard of catering. Thoroughly vetted, all our culinary pros must have served a full year in an Executive Chef or Sous Chef role or as an equivalent restaurant professional. Our chefs are supported by exemplary customer service and competitive pricing that honors your budget with total transparency.

We make it easy with a simple booking process. Your date and venue get you a list of local chefs. Select one and see their a la carte menu selection. Then, you choose what appeals to you from a select menu. Your chef will contact you within 48 hours to fine-tune and personalize your selections, infusing your event food with your distinct tastes. And that’s it! Just open the door on the night of the event and let your pro chef in with food, equipment, and cleaning supplies. Because Food Fire + Knives has the cleanup covered too! For all your home entertaining, count on FFK to bring culinary and service excellence to your celebration. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions via the chat in the lower right corner of this page!

Unforgettable Entertainment with FFK

Wouldn’t you just love to have fun throwing a party for once? By letting a chef from FFK take care of throwing the shindig, you are free to circulate and enjoy the event as much as your guests. Liberated from shopping, cooking, and cleaning, you’re ready to party!

Reach out to discover how easy hiring a private chef in Boulder can be, with Food Fire + Knives. Catering Boulder has reached a new level of sophistication with our personalized approach. We love to feed you, we love to free you to enjoy your party, and we love to play with Food Fire + Knives. Discover unforgettable entertainment for your next catered event.

Private Chefs Asheville


Chef Terri Terrell

When I was a wee one, my Grandma Willie would plop me on the kitchen counter and share with me her love for cooking Southern Delta Cuisine. I would watch for hours on end as she would create dishes one after the other, along the way asking me to try this and try that, grab this, stir that… it’s my first memory of cooking… my first memory of food! I have had the opportunity of learning from the ground up in the culinary industry…

Some More About Boulder…

Boulder, Colorado hosts a charming and walkable downtown! Explore the historic architecture, local shops and restaurants, surprising pocket gardens, scenic mountain views and expansive parks. Our Boulder Private Chefs offer a unique dining experience for residents and its many year round visitors.

Enjoy Boulder culture all around town. Visit for the Boulder Craft Beer Festival which features over 25 breweries and food trucks. Check out the year round events schedule with arts, music, fashion, shopping, food, farmers markets and community celebrations.

Boulder is widely known among foodies for an amazing dining experience. You’ll find many cuisine options around town. Boulder cuisine is diverse and features everything from Italian to sushi and everything in-between, served with a unique small town touch. Our creative Boulder Personal Chefs are among the best in town, preparing exceptional meals for your family and friends.

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Whether you’re celebrating a best friend’s wedding or just in the mood for a restaurant experience in the comfort of your own home, our chefs will make your occasion unforgettable. Everything from the shopping to the cleaning is done by our chefs. All you’re responsible for is having a wonderful time!

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