Comprehensive Catering in Honolulu

If you rarely entertain because you’re too busy for all the work involved, your social life just got a new best friend in Food Fire + Knives. We’ve brought comprehensive catering to the Big Pineapple that leaves only the fun part of throwing a luau on your plate. The rest is on ours!

We bring you talented, passionate Honolulu private chefs with a passion for great food. Uniting them with the foodies from coast to coast, FFK hosts a network of skilled culinary experts, supporting them with unerring professionalism. We set them free with flexibility, creative freedom, and pay that reflects their hard work so they can set you free to party!

Choose Your City, Date, Chef, & Menu

Within 48 Hours Your Chef Will Contact You

We Bring It All! Food, Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

About Your Private Chef Catering Experience

Rising to the exceptional professionalism of our Honolulu personal chefs, FFK brings our customers unerring integrity in all we do. With competitive, transparent pricing, we honor your budget and your trust because FFK doesn’t believe in hidden fees.

Our customer care is offered 24/7, never leaving you without a listening ear. And you can count on FFK’s reliability. We’re food professionals who mean business and that business is making you happy!

Catering in Honolulu You Can Book Online

FFK online booking is user-friendly and easy! With the date, time, and location of your event, you get a list of Honolulu personal chefs. Select your chef and then choose from their diverse a la carte menus. Within 48 hours, you’ll be tweaking the food to your tastes with your culinary pro!

And that’s it! Your FFK chef shows up on party day with everything you need, from the food and equipment to the cleaning supplies. That’s right! You don’t have to do that either when you book your party with FFK! Without lifting a pinky finger, your party is curated and realized. All you do is invite everyone over!

Get Social, With FFK!

With nothing to do but a few clicks and invites, isn’t it time to get social? FFK’s here to make it happen, with an innovative Honolulu catering that sets party hosts free to socialize. This style of catering was made for you! Reserve your effortless party today!