Vegetarian Favorites for Thanksgiving

Vegetarian favorites for Thanksgiving should be a part of everyones holiday. Being in charge of Thanksgiving dinner can be a pretty daunting task. Everybody will have their eyes set on that turkey, so making sure that it’s cooked to perfection (along with every other side dish present) is integral to your success as a host.
One thing that stumps a lot of people no matter what the occasion is how to have delicious,
plant-based options for vegetarian guests. While the almighty turkey might symbolize
Thanksgiving, it’s not what defines the season; it’s about celebrating with family and friends!
Despite this seeming setback, you can be totally flexible with what you serve and still have a
Thanksgiving party to remember.
If you’re having difficulty figuring out just what to serve your vegetarian and vegan guests, don’t
fret. Here are some guidelines that can help you whip up vegetarian favorites that will bring the
house down this Thanksgiving:

1. Know what you can work with

By understanding what’s restricted, you can pretty much have free reign on anything
else. Vegans totally don’t eat eggs, dairy, or meat, while vegetarians are free to eat food
that contains these ingredients (e.g., cheese).
Don’t be afraid to bring out on the good stuff, like rich creams, cheeses, maybe even
truffles if you’re feeling indulgent. Just because your guests don’t eat meat doesn’t mean
they can’t enjoy a feast!

2. Take advantage of what’s in season

Vegetarian favorites for Thanksgiving is all about the brightly colored greens, pumpkins and squashes, root
vegetables, apples, pears, and persimmons. Play with texture and color and get
inventive with ways to add flavor, like healthy dressings sauces.
One idea is quinoa and red lentil stuffed sweet potatoes with a balsamic tahini
dressing—a colorful, vibrant dish that can rival even a slice of turkey with cranberry

3. Keep it simple

Like many things in life, simple is best. Many cooks who are inexperienced with
vegetarian meals tend to pile too many vegetables in a dish! This can make it messy and
confusing to enjoy.
Try colorful salads, casseroles, and stuffed squash, for starters. Anything that feels
overwhelming and complicated is likely a result of you putting too much into one
dish—which is a potential sign for disaster later on!

4. Don’t force food to taste like something else

A misconception people have about being vegetarian is that vegetables should be made
to taste like real meat all the time. In the holiday season spirit, one might think of serving
something like tofurky during a Thanksgiving party. This is actually quite unnecessary as
there are many ways to make plant-based food taste amazing all on their own.
While vegans and vegetarians use many plant-based food items to serve as “meat,”
highlighting one or two vegetables and adding other flavors can be just as complete a
meal as any that has real meat. A great example would be a grilled shittake mushroom
sandwich with hummus, avocados, goat cheese, other herbs, and a dressing of choice.

5. Leave it to the pros

Preparing a Thanksgiving dinner can be incredibly stressful, especially if you have
guests from work or extended family dropping by. Getting a private chef to plan and
prepare your dishes will not only be a load off your shoulders but a great experience for
your guests as well.
The best part is, you can arrange the course beforehand, so your personal chef will
follow any specifications regarding diet, such as vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, to a T!


Next to Christmas, Thanksgiving is truly the time of year where everybody can celebrate closely
with the family. It’s a special holiday in that people bond over their love for food with traditional
Thanksgiving favorites. Putting your own spin on these dishes, even vegetarian ones, is one
way to freshen up a course that may start to feel just a little dated. With the right amount of
creativity, you can create new things worth celebrating.
Preparing for a big holiday like Thanksgiving can be overwhelming for one person. Here at Food
Fire Knives, we offer personal chef’s services in several locations like Charleston, Orlando, Philadelphia and
Savannah. Let us know your Vegetarian favorites for Thanksgiving in the comments below. To know more about our offerings, visit our website today!

Published By Michael Casciello


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