Thinking of Hiring a Private Chef? Cost Breakdown

Thinking of Hiring a Private Chef for an upcoming event? Are you’re thinking of hosting a get-together at home with your family and friends?  Then, choosing a catering company to handle the food is usually at the top of your head. If you want to make it more personal and customize the menu this time, then you can consider hiring a private chef.

If you’re worried that you’ll be spending more than what your budget entails, it’s safe to say that it isn’t too expensive to get a chef to host your dinner party—so long as you know what you want. It includes deciding the food you wish for them to serve at your event and the number of guests you’re expecting.

 Instead of celebrating your special day in a fancy restaurant with your loved ones, you can stay at home and enjoy good company while eating your favorite food prepared by an in-home chef. Keep reading below to find out the expenses you can expect to face when getting a chef to work for you.

 How Much to Spend on a Personal Chef for a Dinner Party

 On average, hiring a private dinner chef to prepare three entrees for a party of ten attendees will result in about forty-five dollars per person. But when you have additional requests that aren’t part of their standard package, it can reach up to a hundred dollars per guest.

 In certain circumstances, like when hosting a special occasion for a bigger crowd, you can expect your costs to be higher because a chef will take their time preparing, cooking, and serving the food to that many attendees. To avoid going over your desired funds, you can negotiate with your chef regarding the number of courses you want, how many guests you’re having, and the meal plan you wish to have.

 How Much to Pay a Private Chef on a Per Hour Basis

 When you decide to throw a private dinner party at home headed by a personal chef, your expenses usually range from thirty to forty dollars per hour. A chef’s responsibilities involve planning the menu.  They also shop for ingredients and prepare the food. On average, your expenses will lead you to shell out about forty-five dollars per guest.

 However, if you prefer to serve expensive food at your dinner and consider additional inclusions, such as wine pairings, the costs can reach up to a hundred dollars per person or more. A six-course meal will even require you to pay your chef about a hundred to four hundred dollars.

 If you hire a chef that lives a fair distance away from you, they might ask for additional payment because of their transportation costs. They’re also exerting an effort to bring all the necessary ingredients and equipment to your place and begin cooking for your party—making all that money worth the cost!

 How Much an In-Home Chef Costs on a Per Week Basis

 You can even have an in-home chef experience for a more extended period if you’re going on vacation and need to remain on a specific food plan, or you’re having guests over at home for an indefinite period. When you’re thinking of having a six-course meal for a small group of people, you can expect to spend around a hundred dollars to four hundred per head.

 Meanwhile, the median price for hiring a personal chef is about two-hundred dollars. But depending on where you live, if your location is in the city where food tends to be more expensive, the price will be significantly higher!


 Whether you’re hosting an intimate gathering or a large dinner party, it’s an excellent idea to hire a personal chef to take care of your meals rather than opt for food catering. Not only will you satisfy your guests, but you’re also delivering a unique experience that not everyone gets to try. Before you make your final decision, you need to talk it through with your chef.  Discuss meal plans, budget estimates, and other additional requests.

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