Thanksgiving Cooking Tips: 5 Things to Remember

Thanksgiving cooking tips —this is a holiday that most Americans look forward to—and it’s just around the corner.
Thanksgiving is a special day because it reminds people to be grateful and celebrate life’s little
wins. It is that one time of the year when loved ones gather and express their gratitude for their
blessings. Sharing a big meal with the family is also a tradition that people look forward to on
this day.
If you are in charge of cooking the meals you will share on Thanksgiving Day, we have some
tips that can help you manage your time and stress for this busy occasion.

#1 – Prepare baked items ahead

If you have baked items on your Thanksgiving menu, such as macaroni and cheese, candied
yam, pies, or au gratin potatoes, remember that you can prepare them ahead of time. Doing so
will keep your oven free and solely dedicated to the Thanksgiving turkey. Plus, you can always
reheat the baked foods you made beforehand.
Tip: If you need to add a cheesy topping to any dish, add it when you reheat it right before

#2 – Work on the sauces and stuffing two days before Thanksgiving

If you plan to make salad dressings, marinades, cranberry sauce, gravy, and compotes, you can
start working on them two days before Thanksgiving. The good news about stuffing is that its
taste improves when you make it in advance.
The gravy also plays a vital role during Thanksgiving. No matter how delicious your meals are,
they will not taste as great if you use a last-minute gravy. Take your time when making the
gravy. Give it the time to steep all the flavors. Preparing it in advance will take a lot of stress out
of your Thanksgiving holiday.

#3 – Make the dough and freeze it

Pies are a staple dessert on Thanksgiving. If you plan on making one, you can make the dough
in advance and keep it frozen. You can even crimp it on the pie plate and freeze it like that. Try
baking your pie a day or two in advance as well. They will still taste good, and that way, you can
ensure your oven stays free.

#4 – Prepare your ingredients

Doing all the chopping, slicing, peeling, and grinding also takes a lot of your time. You can start
prepping all the ingredients you have a week before the event. Chop the vegetables you have,
but make sure to leave out fruits that oxidize quickly, such as apples and pears. Also, avoid
chopping up the herbs to ensure that they are still fresh when you use them.

#5 – Buy your turkey now

The freshest turkey is always the best. A vacuum-packed bird can last in your refrigerator for
about three days, but most Americans get a frozen turkey instead. If you go this route, make sure you have enough time to defrost it. According to the USDA, the thawing process will take around 24 hours per pound of turkey. That means a 16-lb turkey will need four days to defrost.
Consider this timeline in your schedule.


Cooking meals on Thanksgiving can be stressful, but now that you are equipped with these tips,
you have nothing to panic about. Follow our recommendations, and you will surely have
everything under control. With enough preparation, you can go ahead and enjoy a relaxing
Thanksgiving experience.
If you have no patience or time to cook for Thanksgiving, you can always hire a private chef in Charleston and other select locations in the US including Orlando, Florida. At Food Fire Knives, our mission is to give you
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the food.

Published By Michael Casciello


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