Private Chefs and Cooking Classes Re-imagined

We have some exciting news! We’ll be launching our new website in June! We’ve listened to your feedback and we are working tirelessly here at FFK to provide you with an easy to use, pricing transparent and intuitive website. Besides a beautiful re-design, let’s start with just a few more updates!

Accessible, affordable, simplified and perfected is the name of the game. Simply browse our menus, choose your Chef, check availability and place your reservation online in our secure payment portal. Create your own account and profile for quicker checkout. You’ll be contacted by your Chef to confirm your details and discuss any modifications or allergies. Your Chef will arrive at your house on the date and time you’ve requested with all food, equipment and cleaning supplies. Our pricing will remain consistent and transparent as it is now. No haggling or surprises.

Our customers LOVE our cooking classes and we’re updating them to “demo style”. We’ve found that it’s a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience engaging with our Chefs while seated or crowded around and drinking some wine. Feel free to ask questions and taste the food as your Chef prepares it. Your Chef will take you on an amazing journey through your meals preparation, discussing cooking techniques, ingredients, recipes and inspiration. This has been our most sought after service. Of course if you prefer to be left alone, that’s fine too! We won’t be lonely. We’ll still set the table, cook, cleanup and leave without a trace, ensuring a stress free event for you and your guests.

We’re really excited to show you the new site and all of our new features. We think you’ll love the new Food Fire + Knives! As always, please feel free to reach out with any feedback or concerns on our Contact Page. See you soon!

-Michael Casciello