Cooking Class Reimagined

Think dinner and a show, where dinner IS the show!

Go to Class with our Talented Food Fire + Knives Private Chefs

World Class Chefs

Meet the Chef in your reimagined cooking class. Engage in personal conversation with a world class chef as he prepares your evening meal and shares his expert culinary skills with you, your family and friends.

Enjoy A Relaxed

Relax with your family and friends as your genial private chef prepares dinner for you. Chef narrates his process for all who are interested, answers questions, and engages in fascinating cooking conversations with family and friends.

Learn Thru

Compelling conversation, appreciating fine food, having positive personal experiences, asking important questions, getting expert answers and observing a world class chef in action are the keys to enjoying and learning in a reimagined cooking class.

Picture your family and friends chatting with the world class chef preparing their dinner! A reimagined cooking class is a unique opportunity to meet, ask questions, learn from and talk with an expert top chef, while he’s cooking a meal for you.

When you host a reimagined cooking class, you’ll discover that friends and family arrive with individual expectations. Some enthusiastically join the chef for the entire meal preparation process. Others may spend time chatting, catching up with each other, and having a drink. People feel free to check in with the chef as certain things catch their interest. Family and friends appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and freedom to participate in the class in their own way.

Your reimagined cooking class is a unique life experience! Traditional cooking classes invite student “hands-on” participation. A reimagined cooking class is a personal interaction with the world class chef preparing your evening dinner. Friends and family can lean into the meal preparation process, ask questions, observe techniques, get tips for success and have a one-to-one conversation with a friendly world class chef.

For the Love of Cooking and Learning

Enjoy Our Cooking Class Reimagined

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