Charleston: Adult Sundae Party. Booze? Ice Cream?

Charleston Event:

We’ve got news because we are teaming up with Hardscoop Charleston for some exciting new events! We always love getting our Charleston private chefs involved with different events in the community and especially partnering with local businesses.

Hardscoop produces premium adult ice cream that’s 16 proof! The possibilities for new specialty drinks and spirited desserts with Hardscoop are endless! Try our favorite, a root beer and vanilla booze ice cream float.

Consider entertaining your friends with a game night featuring an adult dessert party? Or you could add a Hardscoop spiked dessert at a dinner we’re preparing for you. An adult dessert party can be the perfect midnight treat at your New Year’s Eve celebration! Sparkling wine with Hardscoop Peach Sorbet makes a unique toast at a wedding reception or graduation!

Food Fire Knives supports and celebrates the best of Charleston and Hardscoop premium ice cream is both excellent and local! You can visit their Charleston tasting room open M-F 12pm-6pm.  Find their premium adult ice cream at Harris Teeter, Piggly Wiggly and local specialty stores and restaurants.

For us, collaborating with Hardscoop opens up new opportunities for sharing food and celebrating!

Let us know if you have event ideas or comment and share some of your favorite ways to eat Hardscoop ice cream!


As we are shifting to our new website and locations, our Hardscoop adult sundae party will now be available by special request only. You’ll notice that during the reservation process, step 5 specifically, there is a type in field. This field can be used for many different things including allergies or preferences, and/or special requests such as Hardscoop as your dessert option. Please keep in mind that this is only available in our Charleston location and surrounding areas. For the love of ice cream… and booze!

Published By Michael Casciello