Intimate Wedding Planning: New Trends

Intimate wedding planning? Having a big blow-out wedding can be stressful and leave your bank account empty. However,
tying the knot does not (and should not) have to leave you in debt! Whether you’re looking to
start your marriage with a healthy bank balance or reserve a bigger chunk of money for the
honeymoon, why not consider ditching the idea of having the wedding of the century and opt for
a small, intimate wedding instead? This way, you can cut down your cost, create more precious
memories with your guests, put money towards your future, and offer your friends and loved
ones a unique experience they cannot get with larger weddings!
Is the idea of a charming, intimate wedding starting to pique your interest? If so, here are some
steps to getting started with the planning:

1. Create a budget

The most critical step in getting married for less is to create a budget. You can start by
identifying all your wedding requirements and needs and wants for your intimate wedding. Next,
list down your priorities or non-negotiables and the ones you can scrimp on. This way, you can
have an easier time determining those things that validate some splurging. Some aspects you
must consider are your wedding venue, photography and videography services, wedding dress,
food and drinks, entertainment, and more.

2. Choose an intimate venue

The best advantage of having a small wedding is you have plenty of options to choose from for
your venue. There is no need for a large space when you have a small guest list. In fact, there
may be no need for a formal venue at all! You can consider having a lovely wedding in an
alternative indoor and outdoor space, such as an artsy gallery, the picturesque garden or
backyard of your family home, a cozy cabin, a local beach, or even a posh private club. There
are endless possibilities, so choose the best place that perfectly matches your theme and

3. Limit the number of your guests

The most challenging part of planning a small wedding is limiting the number of your guests. It’s
understandable that you don’t want to hurt feelings, but it is worse to share your special day with
a sea of unfamiliar faces. Because of this, consider inviting only the few who really matter in
your life and create an intimate atmosphere. Start making your guest list by listing down
immediate family and best friends, then expand from there.

4. Hire our private chefs in Savannah

No celebration is complete without tasty food. When having an intimate wedding, you don’t need
to do meal planning or cooking by yourself. Our personal chefs in Savannah are well-equipped
to treat you and your guests to a sumptuous and enjoyable meal. Unlike big weddings that limit
you to a few food options to accommodate a massive guest list, you can diversify the food and
drinks menu when you have a small wedding.


With various factors to consider, such as venues, wedding planners, photographers and
videographers, cakes, and food, tying the knot can be costly and can cause overwhelming
stress and anxiety due to financial burden. You can always opt for a more intimate wedding planning and
make your special day even more exciting and memorable.
Complete your wedding day celebration with our catering services by our in-home chefs in Charleston.                                       We also offer cooking classes to make your culinary dreams come true. Contact us
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Published By Michael Casciello


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