Justify a Private Chef to Your Skinflint Mom

Justify a Private Chef to your skinflint mom. For many people, the idea of having a personal chef is a dream that never loses its appeal over time no matter how old you get or where you currently are in life. Whether you’ve heard about it
from a friend or learned about it while watching a lifestyle special on the lives of the rich and
famous, having a personal cook is a wonderful idea, unlike any other.
After you’ve saved up your money and worked hard so that you can afford a life in the best real
estate in town, it seems like it is the time to hire a private chef finally. However, have you told
your mom about it yet?

How to justify your need for a private chef to your mom

Although they may be our greatest fans, most dedicated caregivers, and the confidants we can
never have in anyone else, they’re also the biggest critics of what we spend our money on.
If you have a mother that you’re close to, you’re likely familiar with the entire experience of
explaining your purchases after a trial-by-fire, even for items you need. Whether it’s a new
computer, some shoes, or a shopping spree for clothes, your mom might have a say over why
you should’ve spent your money on something else instead.
Seeing that a personal cook is an entirely different expense that has a uniqueness to it, it’s clear
that the first thing your mother may say falls along the lines of “Why can’t you just cook?”
Regardless of whatever justifiably remark your mother may throw at you for considering such an
expense, here are three counter-arguments you can mention back:

Point #1: “Having a private chef isn’t expensive”

Among all the different reasons that your mom may go ballistic over the idea of having a
personal chef, the most prevalent one is their belief that it’s an expensive idea, yet the reality is
quite the opposite.
Unlike the olden days where personal cooks were only for royalty or political figures, hiring a
personal cook today is far less expensive than it used to be. For example, hiring a private chef
from Food Fire Knives is much cheaper than what you’d end up spending if you got drive-thru
meals for a week, which proves that it’s a cost-friendly investment you can’t overlook!

Point #2: “I’ll live longer if a personal chef makes my food”

When you hire a private chef, you’re essentially unlocking the chance to start having healthy,
home-cooked meals every day, a critical point that no mother can contradict.
Other than having delicious meals, our chefs make sure that your investment helps you live
much longer by ensuring that everything will be made in your home with the freshest
ingredients. By the time you have your regular private cook on duty, you’ll immediately notice
that you’re much healthier, slimmer, and with more energy!

Point #3: “I can save time and eat when I need to with a private chef”

Similar to the days when your mom would make you lunch before heading to school, having
your cook on standby means that you’ll have all the food you need before heading out the door.
This eventually allows you to save time, and you will never have to go hungry in the process. If
you’re looking to convince your mom and seal the deal on the idea of hiring a private chef, then
you need to tell her that you’ll save time, which will be spent on making more money so that you
can treat her!


Having a personal chef is an exciting investment that anyone must consider when moving up in
life, yet but justifying the idea to your practical mother can be quite tricky. With the help of the
three key points mentioned above, however, you can make it easier to get on with hiring a
private chef in no time and even have your mom thank you for doing so!
If you’re looking for a private chef or in-home chef in Charleston, we’ve got a full range of
different professionals that can win even the most skinflint mothers with their top-quality skills.
Visit our website today to book a session and find a professional that best suits your needs!

Published By Michael Casciello


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