Hiring a Local Private Chef in 2020

Hiring a Local Private Chef is now an option. There’s often a lot of pressure to cook the best home-cooked meals. It can also get very tedious because you need to have a seamless work-life balance at home. Fortunately, you can take a
break from all the chaos when you hire a private chef for your next meal. But what exactly
should you expect?
This article will provide you with five practical tips to help you get oriented on the private chef
experience in 2020. Take this as an opportunity to treat yourself and your family to restaurant-
quality food and learn more about different culinary techniques.

1. Choose your ideal menu, date, and chef

There are often many preconceived judgments about the private chef experience
because you may have heard that it’s time-consuming and complicated. But the reality is
it’s as simple as a few clicks.
All you need to do is pick a menu you like, a date that works for you, and a preferred
chef. The private chef experience is much simpler than any typical preparation day in
any home kitchen!

2. Remember your allergies and other dietary needs

It’s perfectly normal to get excited about your private chef experience, but be careful not
to go overboard by forgetting your food allergies and other dietary needs. You may even
want to take a moment with your family to list all their different allergies and dietary
requirements to make a well-informed decision about the menu your private chef will
prepare. That way, you can enjoy your meal without worrying about allergic reactions or
missing out on your strict diet.

3. Set the restaurant ambiance at your home

Believe it or not, some people cannot enjoy a good meal without some ambiance. The
restaurant industry knows this all too well, and that’s why you can often see many
decorations, bright colors, and in-house entertainment in these establishments.
Fortunately, there are ways to bring in restaurant-like ambiance right into your home
dining area.
First, you will need to draw inspiration from your menu. For example, let’s say you went
with a very classic American style feast with steaks and collard greens. You need to find
patriotic decorations, like paintings of the bald eagle and posters with the American flag
and George Washington.
Browse for inspiration websites like Instagram and Pinterest to create the perfect
ambiance for your private chef experience.

4. Use gift cards

Once you have the best private chef in your home, wouldn’t you want to have the rest of
your friends and family to enjoy the same? Fortunately, there are ways for you to provide
them with their own private chef experience through Food Fire Knives gift cards! You
can also buy one for yourself the next time you want to have either a special at-home
dinner date with your significant other or a nice birthday feast with your family.

5. Learn the COVID-19 guidelines

Dining out in 2020 is indeed very unique, given the whole pandemic situation. Your
private chefs are also doing what they can to protect you and your family from spreading
the virus. Read our COVID-19 guidelines to get appropriately oriented before your next
private chef experience.


Hiring local private chef is a rewarding experience, especially when you want to rest from
regular home cooking and cumbersome family meal prep. It’s also an opportunity to discover
new dishes and re-discover your favorite food. Remember all the formerly mentioned tips, and
find the best local private chefs for your next meal!
Are you looking for the best local private chefs in Charleston? Book our chefs at Food Fire
Knives! We provide restaurant-quality food, catering, and the best cooking classes to elevate
your culinary experience right in the comfort of your home. Enjoy your next meal with us today!

Published By Michael Casciello


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