Covid-19 and your Safe Dining Experience

We’re writing to assure you about Covid-19 and your safe dining experience. As we’re all aware the virus has interrupted everyday life. The tourism and hospitality industries have taken the brunt of the initial impact. Restaurants, hotels, airlines, cruise ships and small businesses will still feel impacts far after the virus has been contained.
Our mission has always been to support local chefs and we’ll always do our best to fulfill this promise. We know that this cannot be completed without first taking care of our loyal customers. So in the wake of this unexpected pandemic, we want to ensure that you’re still in good hands and we’ve taken the necessary steps to protect our Chefs and customers. There is NO SAFER OPTION than having an IN HOME dining experience from our Private Chefs as you distance yourself from tourists and crowds. So what are we doing?

  • All Chefs are briefed and will follow the strict CDC guidelines for food sanitation and hygiene including the frequent washing of hands.
  • Any Chef that feels ill or has been in ANY contact with the virus WILL notify us immediately and we’ll take the proper steps to substitute for your event. We’ve even incentivized the Chefs for doing so.
  • Chefs will NOT shake hands or touch customers in any way.
  • Our Chefs do NOT handle any cash or payment transactions.
  • We’ve modified our cancellation and refund policy as well. We know a lot of planning is last minute now, so it is TWO days before your event for any refunds or cancellations (down from one week).

Please let us know your feedback or concerns at anytime about our handling of Covid-19 and your safe dining experience. We’d love to hear from you. or use the chat on our website! Thank you and stay safe.


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