Family Reunions: Your Guide to Planning in 2020

Family reunions are a great way to unwind and bond with people you can rely on, especially
during these trying times in 2020. Thankfully, there are different tools and services available
for you to make the most out of your time together. Therefore, it’s important to maximize
them as best as you can for all your family members to feel loved and cared for.
In this guide, we will assist you through the family reunion planning process by going over
the valuable information you need. We will also look into the possibility of connecting with all
your family members even when they don’t live nearby.

1. Use technology and social media

In 2020, you may think it is unimaginable to host a family reunion, given that the
pandemic restricts people from gathering in groups and going outside. However,
there are viable means to host one safety and ensure it is enjoyable for everyone.
You just need to maximize all the technology and social media tools available.
You can have other family members join your reunion virtually through either Zoom
or Google Meet, which allows you to see them through the screen and talk for hours.
You can also use social media, like Facebook and Instagram, to interact with each
other and get your other family members to join in on the fun. This proves that you
can still host a great family reunion with your immediate family by your side.

2. Name the occasion

Family reunions are usually more memorable when you are planning for a special
occasion, like someone’s 30th birthday or Thanksgiving. This also gives you the
excuse to decorate your home and have everyone dress up appropriately. You can
also have themed games and activities to get everyone involved and enjoy their time
One of the most popular family reunion activities is the so-called family showcase,
where everyone gets to show off their talent, goof around, and bond with each other.
For example, you can host a Halloween-themed fashion show for the kids with the
adults as the judges. These are also social media-worthy moments that allow
everyone to take pictures and videos together. Special occasions certainly make
family reunions more fun and easier to plan.

3. Invite family friends

Family reunions are also a great way to reconnect with old friends, and their
participation makes the gathering more special and intimate. You also have more
stories and memories to talk about and get to know new people you may not have
known before. You can also use the time to get valuable advice from the perspective
of a family member and friend. And remember—the more, the merrier!

4. Hire a personal chef

Family reunions will always have the best food selections, which means you have to
think about the most ideal menu for the occasion. Instead of confining yourself to the
home kitchen, you can hire a private chef. They can do all the planning and cooking
for you, plus they also have different menu options for you and your family to enjoy.

The best thing about hiring a personal chef is you can also plan your menu in
advance and have family members enjoy the same experience as you, even if they
are meeting you virtually. For example, you hire a private chef in Nashville for you
and your immediate family. And then, your uncle and his immediate family can also
hire the same private chef service in New York. This proves that you and your family
can still come together and enjoy the same food, even when you are staying in
different states.


Family reunions are one of the most important and exciting activities to plan. Use all the
previously mentioned tips to successfully pull off your next special and intimate get together
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