The In-home Chef Experience: Food and Cooking Trends for 2021

Home cooks and in-home chefs in the U.S. alike have become largely familiar with 2021 food trends in their own kitchens. Social media has largely impacted the way we cook and eat. This is especially true for the more technologically connected millennial home cooks and their families. Let’s take a look at food and cooking trends for 2021.

The “Foods-tagram” culture, where an individual posts about their home-cooked meals, is still an ongoing trend in today’s society. While it’s a big trend, not all home cooks and chefs are on the internet all the time.  Understandably, they are scratching their heads asking “what are these trends exactly?” Luckily, puts a source of light on food and cooking trends for 2021

Take a look into what 2021 has dished out so far that has got homes enjoying the in-home chef experience. The goal is to help these American homes get inspired quickly on food-related happenings right at their own home. It serves as a reminder that no matter what is going on, nothing beats a good home-cooked meal and just simply dining together with the family!

2021 Food Trends in the Home Kitchen

Whether you simply want to brush up on the recent food trends or are just interested in what’s filling the dinner table of American households, knowing the current trends can help shape your in-home cooking experience. Although not every household is the same, the following trends are shaping up to what can be the future of American foodie culture of home cooking:

1. Plant-Based Eating.  Big food corporations and vegan restaurants alike have not only taken over, but they have also proven that a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be bland. In fact, these eats can be just as good as the meaty ones. Although this is a recent trend, the art of plant-based cooking can be a challenge for some cooks—but it can be done with enough practice and home recipe testing.

2. Sugar-Free, Stress-Free! Sugary snacks are out, sugar-free is finally in! The avoidance of sugar and the push for a healthier, more “immune system-positive” diet is now sweeping the nation. Similar to the plant-based trend, it’s equally challenging to make sugar-free dishes that taste good in a home kitchen. Despite this, it is quite possible—and a positive change for your health, nonetheless!

3. Sustainable Cooking. Just as cruelty-free and sugar-free is becoming more popular, issues on the environment have positively driven foodies everywhere for waste-free, sustainable cooking and diets. Additionally, recycling and recycle-friendly food packaging follow this trend too.

4. Social Media Cooking. The popular rise of food challenges and pop recipes are largely thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. To name a few, there have been food trends like the Spicy Noodle Challenge, ASMR, and Whipped Coffee spreading online.

How to Be a New Home Cook in 2021

Now that you are aware of the different food trends, it’s time to be up to date on the home cooking situation. Take a look into the following tips to update your home kitchen and your overall home dining experience:

1. Post About it on Social Media. It’s time to not only hop on to the trends but to become connected to places that you didn’t know about. Aside from this, you get ego-boosting compliments on the home-cooked meals you’re having. Don’t forget to add a cute filter and hashtag it to be social media discovered and connected with your friends and family.

2. Use the Internet for Inspiration. Just as we have been discussing, the Internet is filled with resources that can improve your home dining experience, such as communicating with a private chef in New York or simply being updated on the latest home cooking hacks.

3. Get the In Home Chef Experience. Instead of ordering take-out, treat your family to a restaurant’s delight by having a private chef come in and serve you! There’s nothing like taking a break from the kitchen apron and changing into a fine dining suit or dress for a one-night fancy dinner.


With 2021 largely changing the food scene, take note of the aforementioned tips and trends to get your kitchen updated. Aside from that, don’t forget that good home cooking is about simply enjoying what you have on your plate. Happy eating!

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