Serving Ideas for your Next Dinner Party

Serving ideas for your next Dinner Party is a topic that we can get you well prepared for. Planning a dinner party can be stressful if you have no idea where to start. While it might be fine to just invite people to your home and order in, an event that makes a lasting impression will often require more of an effort. To that end, we have created this list of dinner party ideas from the finest private chefs in New Orleans. With these ideas, you are sure to create treasured memories and good connections
with your guests. Without any ado, here they are:

1. Set up a welcome bar

Dinner parties don’t have to start at the table. You can start off your party right by setting up a
bar cart or table set with drinks near the entrance of your home. You can set the mood by
serving chilled white wine, red wine, whiskey, vodka, a mixer or two, and plenty of ice.
Just make sure to consult with your private chef about what drinks go with their menu—their
appetizers in particular—so that the food and drinks are well-paired.

2. Put together a few sampling stations

As we’ve mentioned before, your party might benefit from unconventional setups. Why not
create sampling stations with your appetizers? You could put larger appetizers on your coffee
table, have bowls of nuts and olives near your bar (or on your bar cart), or even place small
bites on your side tables. Essentially, you could control the movement of your guests by
distributing the foot around your home. This can help facilitate mingling among your guests
while also subtly touring people around your home.

3. Have dessert in the living room

Coffee, dessert, and aperitifs can be served in the living room for comfort. This is perfect as the
night winds down, as sitting on a couch might put guests in a relaxed state. It is also the perfect
time for your private chef or caterer to start cleaning up your dining room, leaving less of a mess
when the night ends.
Aside from making clean-up easier, having dessert in the living room means that everything can
be set up while you and your guests are still eating dinner. This can help your evening run more
smoothly. It will not only help put you and your guests at ease, but also help your food
preparation staff run things more easily behind the scenes.

4. Prepare some parting gifts

Party favors and parting gifts might seem a little old-fashioned, but they do bring a personal
touch that can leave a lasting impression. It could be as simple as cookies, small pieces,
chocolates, and so on. You could even ask your private chef for ideas, and they will likely have
one or two they can suggest. The beauty of this is that they can also prepare for this in advance,
and have the parting presents ready.
Final thoughts

Dinner parties are often more than just people sitting at the dinner table, drinking the night
away. While that can be fun, you could perhaps change things up by playing around with the
placement of the food throughout the house. If you have important guests, this might help
impress them as well.
If you do need the expertise of a private chef or serving ideas for your next dinner party or event in New Orleans,
send us at Food Fire Knives a message. We can connect you to a whole network of
professionals in the food industry who can not only provide good food for your events, but sound
ideas for their execution.

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