Reasons Why You Should Like Weekly Meal Prep

Are you always pressured thinking about what meal your family should have for the next breakfast, lunch, or dinner?  Don’t worry; you are not alone because it’s a common challenge for every person assigned to cook for the whole family at home. But now, the concept of weekly meal prep can make your food planning so much easier! 

Weekly meal prep is the idea of preparing complete meals or dishes ahead of time. If you are the head of the kitchen, here are the reasons why you should do meal prepping in your home: 

1. It Can Save You Much Time

The figuring-out-what-dish-to-cook part may already take a few minutes of your time. If nothing comes to mind, you’ll end up ordering takeout, which can be unhealthy. Before you can make your stomach full, there’s so much to think about first. But, with meal prepping, you can just grab the meal from the fridge without the figuring out part because you already made it ahead of time.

2. It Can Save You Money

Again, if you can’t think of anything to cook or you don’t have the ingredients you need, there’s a higher chance that you’ll go for takeout or eat-out; both are more expensive than cooking meals at home. If you do meal prepping, it can save you money because you can acquire discounts for buying ingredients in bulk and spend less money eating out. 

3. It Can Help You Manage Your Portion Sizes

Meal prepping is a helpful idea for those who are strict with their diet because they can control the portions of their meals for the day. If you’re practicing a healthy lifestyle, meal prepping can do you good because you know exactly what ingredients you’re putting in your body. You’ll be able to portion your meals correctly and consume just the right amount of calories. 

4. It Can Reduce Your Stress

Meal prepping is beneficial, particularly for those who are so busy with their lives. Thinking about the next meal for dinner may be harmless, but it can be stressful and overwhelming for some people, especially if they do it every day. You can reduce your stress levels because with meal prepping, you’ll have one less thing to think about.

5. It Can Prevent Food Waste

If you notice that there’s always excess food sitting in your meat or vegetable drawer, it’s time to do meal prepping. Meal prepping can prevent food wastage because you only need to buy the ingredients you’ll use, in the right portion. 


The daunting task of thinking about what dish you should serve next is quite frustrating sometimes. Whether you live on your own or are a busy parent who has so much in mind, your family’s meal is just another responsibility you should tick off your list. While meal prepping can help you, you still need to allocate a portion of your time to do this. Fortunately, you can now hire a personal chef who can cook for you or your whole family in your home. You don’t have to worry about what dish your family should have; the chef can already do the job for you! 

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Published By Michael Casciello