Making a Weekly Menu Like the Best Restaurants

Even the best restaurants sometimes struggle with new menus. And if you happen to run your own restaurant, chances are, you are constantly rummaging your head for ideas regarding the upcoming week’s menu. You’ve come up with all the delicious dishes that you were able to learn before, but alas, you are running out of suggestions, well enough for the panic to set in.

Indeed, it’s stressful to come up with a weekly menu plan, much so with new cuisines that your customers will never get tired of no matter what. If you aim to surprise them every week, you may follow a couple of tips that will make your ordeal more manageable. 

Discover More Recipes You Haven’t Tried Before

We know it’s scary to try a new recipe that you are not too familiar with. But the thing about discovering new options is that you can add them to your arsenal well enough to expand your own set of recipes. They may not be your signature dish for now, but using them over time will enable you to master them and add a new twist to their flavors. By doing this, you are on your way to having an extensive list of recipes for your weekly menu plan. Remember, this is a long-term process, so don’t rush it as well.

Pick Out Which Dish Hasn’t Been Served for a Long Time

You obviously can’t recycle a recipe that you had already served a week ago. In such cases, be sure to pick out a dish that your customers may have forgotten about. The thing about restaurants is that your customers may either be first-time customers or loyal patrons who eat there every week. You wouldn’t have to worry about the first-timers since they have yet to familiarize themselves with your menu. On the other hand, your regular patrons may have something to say about your repetitive servings, so be sure to switch it around at least every two to three months.

Time Your Menu with the Current Season

It is easier to follow a consistent theme rather than to just randomly form your menu lineup. The thing about weekly menus is that they must still be consistent despite the fact that they will change weekly. The winter season, for example, will require a lot of fresh and warm comfort food that will make your customers feel right at home. On the other hand, the summer season will need more chill deserts to cool down your customers from the glaring heat. By working with the seasons, you will already have a familiar mental image of what you will serve each week and each month.


Creating a weekly menu plan can be quite tough if you do not know the different techniques to make it more convenient and streamlined. The good news is that you only have a few pointers to pay attention to keep your restaurant running without boring your customers with repetitive menu items. By learning new recipes, serving something that you haven’t cooked for a long time, and following the theme of the seasons, you will be able to make a mark through your patron’s taste buds and continuous support. Serve them something great, serve them well, and they will serve you with a recognition unlike any other.

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Published By Michael Casciello