Plan a Safe Covid-19 Party with Pandemic Rules

Plan a safe Covid-19 party even during these times. The coronavirus pandemic forced people worldwide to comply with social distancing guidelines and other safety precautions, urging them to change their lifestyle. As everyone adjusts to the new normal, the way parties are held completely changed. For example, having big get-togethers in person is not advisable since it can lead to the virus’s spread.

If you have an upcoming special occasion, you can still enjoy a memorable celebration with your friends and family. Here are some tips for planning a safe party during a pandemic:

Limit the number of guests

The first and probably the most important step to prepare a successful and safe party in the middle of a pandemic is to create a guest list. Select only a tiny handful of people from your loved ones to invite to your get-together. Ideally, the headcount should be no more than 10-12 people. A smaller headcount allows for a safer celebration and a more intimate gathering.

Hold the party outdoors

Outdoor spaces like a gazebo or covered patio are less risky than indoor ones when holding parties. Besides having more ventilation due to open air, it lets you keep your guests six feet apart easier. You can use an outdoor heat lamp, fire pits, or patio heaters or ask your friends and loved ones to bring their own blankets if it gets chilly at night.

Implement ground rules

It’s easy to forget safety guidelines due to excitement, especially if you and your loved ones haven’t seen each other for a long time because of the pandemic. To ensure everyone’s safety throughout the celebration, make sure to implement ground rules and communicate them before your guests arrive. 

You can also place signages reminding them to maintain social distancing and wear their masks when not eating or when unable to maintain the required distance. You can also set up disinfection stations and handwashing areas in the venue.

Set up seating arrangements

Whether you are holding a family reunion or birthday party, make sure to provide each household with their designated individual table. Each seating area should also be at least six feet apart from each other to maintain their appropriate distance. This way, your guests can feel comfortable attending and have peace of mind knowing they can enjoy the celebration as safely as possible.

Use disposables

Your ceramic tableware may seem perfect for your party, but now is not the best time to use them. Use disposable utensils, plates, napkins, and cups instead to prevent the spread of the virus. You can also provide each table their own garbage bag and even encourage your guests to clean up after themselves.

Hire private chefs

You may do the cooking all by yourself, but it involves lots of stressful preparation and cooking. Be a guest at your own party and provide your guests with an in-home chef experience by hiring a professional chef. For example, when you hire one of our private chefs, you can enjoy the convenience of solely focusing on enjoying your celebration because we can handle all food-related tasks, from preparation to cleanup. We also follow COVID-19 guidelines for additional safety. Thus, you can spend quality time with the people dearest to you while having peace of mind. 


Conducting in-person gatherings can be extra tricky these days. Fortunately, you can still have the time of your life with your friends and family and stay safe and healthy by following the tips listed above. You can also make the party extra special by serving delicious meals prepared carefully by private chefs like us.

If you’re looking for a private chef in Santa Fe for your party, Food Fire+Knives can help. We offer private chef catering and prepare meals according to your preferences and dietary requirements. We also conduct cooking classes. Book an appointment now or leave a comment on how you plan a safe Covid-19 party!

Published By Michael Casciello