Jennifer Lopez’s Personal Chef Spills All Her Diet Secrets

Jennifer Lopez has had one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood for over twenty years. She turned 50 in 2019—and she has shown no sign at all of slowing down or taking it easy.  Today, Jennifer Lopez’s personal chef spills all her diet secrets!

 As part of her lead role as a stripper in the film Hustlers (2019), she took a six-week pole-dancing crash course to prepare for a complex stripping sequence. A year later, she co-headlined the Super Bowl LIV halftime show with a dazzling array of outfits and dance breaks.

How does she do it? Diet and exercise, of course!

 She regularly documents her fitness regimen on social media—but what about the details of her diet? To give you a closer look into it, her personal chef spills all the details:

 What’s In Jennifer Lopez’s Fridge?

  Kelvin Fernandez has been Jennifer Lopez’s personal chef since 2018. He became an executive chef at the tender age of 22—the youngest ever in New York City’s fine-dining scene. He has won best chef in America twice—in 2016 and 2017.

 In an interview with US Weekly, Fernandez revealed that Jennifer Lopez and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez’s favorite breakfast spread consists of eggs, turkey bacon, and green juice made from spinach, cucumber, and celery.

 Two food items J.Lo doesn’t like? Strawberries and salmon! “I always got to do a sea bass or a halibut or cod for Jennifer because she’s just not a fan of the texture and the taste of salmon,” Fernandez said. Aside from avoiding those two food items, the celebrity also hasn’t had any caffeine or alcohol in years.

 The Lopez/Rodriguez family includes four adolescents—a boy (Max) and a girl (Emme) from J.Lo and two girls (Natasha and Ella) from A-Rod. The kids get to eat whatever they want, and they eat like royalty. Fernandez has free reign over what to serve the children, and he has given them Captain Crunch-infused French toast, bacon, egg, and cheese waffle sandwiches, and eggs Benedict.

 Fernandez also shared his admiration for J.Lo’s dedication. “She’s such a hard worker. When she puts her mind to something, it’s incredible how much can be accomplished. When she wants something healthy, she’ll stick to it.”

 What Was Jennifer Lopez’s Super Bowl Diet?

  In another US Weekly interview, Fernandez shared everything Jennifer Lopez ate—and avoided—to prepare for the Super Bowl.

 It turns out, she was eating the same thing every single day! Fernandez had to include simple carbs and complex carbs into the breakfast, lunch, and dinner structure. “[She] was having egg white scramble with vegetables three different ways and every single day.”

 Along with this strict diet, she also trained and rehearsed for weeks. “She was very hyper-focused and very disciplined. At 50, she has better muscle tone than some of my clients who are 25,” said celebrity trainer David Kirsch. No one kills the push-up game quite like J.Lo.


 Jennifer Lopez is still the envy of millions at the age of 51. Her glittering 15-minute performance at the Super Bowl LIV halftime show took a lot of preparation in the weeks leading up to it, following a lifetime of discipline and self-control. Her personal chef’s dedication to providing her with the exact nutrition she needs is one of the reasons for her continued success.

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