How to Safely Enjoy Personal Chef Services in 2020

If you miss dining out, why not get into the safety and convenience of hiring a personal chef?
With so many states in America currently on lockdown, having a personal chef service
protects you and your family from contracting the virus and lets you enjoy restaurant-quality
meals. But what should first-timers take into account before hiring one?
This guide is here to help you make the most out of COVID-19 guidelines by treating your
household to the best food. Take note of the following questions as a means for you to plan
what you are going to ask the personal chef to truly maximize their service. After all, the best
meals are the ones that are well-prepared for.

1. What’s your normal day like?

Whether you are living on your own or are with a family, you have particularities with your
daily home menu. You may not even be eating three meals a day, so take all things kitchen
and dining into account when you think about your meal situation. Think about what you
typically eat and where you dine at home.
Now that most of American is on lockdown, it’s actually more preferable to enjoy food at
home, and your new normal may just find its way to the dinner table. You may find yourself
experimenting more in the kitchen, but you can also be swamped with work from home.
Consider your normal day during this lockdown and relay it all to your personal chef.

2. What are their safety guidelines?

Apart from your normal day in the kitchen, you now also have to take safety precautions into
account, specifically for your health and safely handling food. The new normal of dining is
here. It’s largely eating at home because most restaurants are closed. You may either be
unable or scared to order take-out food., so a personal chef is more preferred.
American personal chefs have also done what they can to safely handle food and serve it to
you. They have been properly oriented with the CDC guidelines for food sanitation and
hygiene, such as frequent hand washing. Plus, they also practice self-isolation in the event
that they show any symptoms. As compared to eating out and being exposed, hiring a
personal chef is the safest and most viable option for enjoying a quality meal nowadays.

3. What are your resources and budget?

Now that we have discussed the safety guidelines, it’s time to consider your current kitchen
resources and your daily budget for food. In hiring a personal chef, you have to be
transparent with how much you can afford and what package you want to avail.
Refer to their packages and rates then start from there. Additionally, communicate what you
have in your kitchen, as the personal chef may need something readily available. As you are
like running a pseudo restaurant, be a transparent restaurateur by asking and supplying
what they may need.

4. Got any food allergies and dislikes? Do you have any preferred meals or dietary restrictions?

Aside from budgetary needs, you may have particular dietary restrictions and requirements.
You don’t want to ruin your own meal by eating something you may not want to or can’t
have. Make sure to tell it all to your personal chef beforehand. If you practice a religion with                                                    dietary restrictions, don’t forget to say that as well. Finally, tell them dishes that you dislike or
food that will just go to waste if served.


With the recent events of 2020 changing how we dine out, consider personal chef services
to secure your seat at the good table. Plus, don’t forget to eat well by enjoying what you put
time and effort into planning with your valued partner in the kitchen!
In need of personal chef services in Philadelphia and surrounding areas in the Southeastern
US? We are Food Fire Knives, your gateway to the best personal chefs ready to serve you
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