Guest Pleasing Menu Suggestions for a Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower can be incredibly fun. Aside from the games, the most exciting part of brainstorming is deciding what food to prepare. The food is what guests most look forward to indulging in during a baby shower, and an in-home chef experience is a good option for you to avoid too much hassle during the occasion.

When it comes to choosing what food to prepare, some of your considerations are the length of the program, your budget, and of course, the woman of the hour.

When considering your budget and length of your baby shower, you can avoid holding your baby shower event at mealtimes like breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can go for snack times like 2 or 3 PM or 9 or 10 AM. This way, you won’t have to prepare heavy meals and too much food since your guests already had breakfast or lunch before going to your event. Moreover, a short gathering of only a few hours merits a few simple snacks and drinks.

During your food planning, you must consider the mom-to-be—you should prepare food that she loves and incorporate them into your menu. At the same time, avoid including items that she wouldn’t appreciate, like alcoholic drinks or food that she’s been sensitive to during her pregnancy.

To help you create and develop potential menu choices, below are some suggestions and ideas you can consider for your baby shower food planning.

Baby Shower During Lunch Time

Mid-day is a typical schedule for a baby shower. This part of the day is an excellent time to hold a baby shower as your food choices can vary, opting for both hot and cold food choices. Below are some savory options you can try:

  • Soup
  • Veggie sushi/Fresh vegetables with dips
  • Finger sandwiches/ Chicken satay
  • Drinks: iced tea, tropical punch, flavored sodas
  • Desserts: ice pops, chocolate-dipped strawberries, fruit salad, fruit skewers

Baby Shower During Snack Time

If your baby shower event falls on an afternoon (between lunch and dinner) or late morning (between breakfast and lunch), you can serve light finger foods that your guest will surely love. Some of these may be:

  • Bruschetta/bread
  • Cheese plate/Crudité platter
  • Olives and pickles
  • Swedish meatballs/Mini meatball sliders
  • Egg rolls/spring rolls
  • Mini mac and cheese
  • Salsa/guacamole/tortilla chips
  • Drinks: milkshake, fruit shake, juice
  • Desserts: cookies, cupcakes, brownies, chocolate truffles, monkey bread

Baby Shower During Dinner Time

A baby shower over dinner involves more food offerings and requires relatively complex food preparation and organization. Usually, couples prefer holding their baby shower events in a restaurant or hiring a private chef. 

If you go for a dinner baby shower and opt to hold it at home, you can explore more food choices and serve various food groups and heavy meals. Below are some of your options:

  • Barbecues (chicken, pork, beef)
  • Pasta plates
  • Baked potato bar
  • Burgers
  • Desserts: cake, tiramisu, trifle, chocolate fountain
  • Drinks: mocktails, flavored soda, juice


Considering the requests or preferences of the pregnant, the time of the day of the event, and the number of guests joining the gathering, you will surely have fun planning and serving the food. When deciding on the menu items, it would be best to ask help from the mother-to-be’s close friends and relatives. 

Make sure to make things easier for everyone by getting all the help that you can and opting for disposable and over-the-counter items for food preparation. On a practical note, serve foods that won’t be messy to eat for guests while standing and mingling around, and set up food tables so your guests can serve themselves!

If you want to have a hassle-free event, why not consider hiring a private chef in Nashville? With Food Fire+Knives, you can find the perfect private chef experience. Get in touch with us, and we will take care of the food. Savor the bay shower moment and eat sumptuous food while staying in the comfort of your home!

Published By Michael Casciello