Foods that Personal Chefs can do Better

Foods that Personal Chefs can do better should inspire customers to learn and engage with our Chef experts. More people are going behind their kitchen counters and whip up homemade, decked-out
recipes outside fancy restaurants. Many dishes can delight your taste buds the same way it
would when dining out, especially since you can curate the ingredients to match your
The lines between home cooked meals and Michelin-starred restaurants are starting to blur, and
while chefs encourage everyone to try their hand at cooking, there are dishes you should save
for dining out.
These menu picks require sharper skills in the kitchen, one that involves years of experience as
a professional chef. The next time your craving for the following strikes, here are our scoop on
the foods that are better reserved in restaurants:

1. Butter

Butter isn’t necessarily a dish, but it’s a key ingredient that can take thousands of recipes to
flavorful heights. Curious home cooks who love to experiment with DIY ingredients may think it’s
fun to make butter from scratch, but this is one of the few delights that are best when store-
Making butter requires a back-breaking effort, but the process can also burn more holes in your
wallet more so than ordering from your restaurant’s breadbasket. The next time you’re hunting
for the creamiest butter you want to top on your toast, it’s worth paying for a higher quality than
doing it yourself.

2. Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict is an iconic dish that people crave for brunch, and the ingredients seem simple
enough to handle at home. However, whipping up the incredibly rich hollandaise sauce is a
complex process that is easy to mess up, making it a must-have for your lunch out with friends.
From clarifying the butter to emulsifying the egg yolks until it turns into a creamy sauce, there
room for error when making this dish is higher than it seems. If you’re on the hunt for an
Instagram-worthy eggs benedict, ordering it at restaurants will sate you better.

3. Ceviche

The fancy dish is bright and refreshing, but the best thing about it is that the ingredients seem
accessible for home cooks. While you only need onions, oregano, tomatoes, chiles, and your
choice of firm-fleshed fish, putting it all together is not as straightforward.
There’s magic happening behind the chef’s kitchen, particularly since it involves handling raw
food. It goes beyond mixing and matching the ingredients in a bowl as the fish needs to be of the highest quality possible so that it’s safe to eat, which you can’t necessarily guarantee when buying one from your local supermarket.

The Bottom Line: Exploring Dishes that are Better Served in Restaurants than at Home

Home cooks can play around with recipes that they can tailor in their own kitchens, but not all
dishes are best done from scratch. Some are best handled by professional chefs who have
access to the best ingredients in town, but that doesn’t mean you have to dine out if you want to
experience luxury at home.
By hiring a personal chef, you can indulge in the hard-to-make dishes above and get the best of
both worlds: restaurant-grade quality meals at home!

Why Dine with Us?

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you? Interested in more foods that Personal Chefs can do better? Get in touch with us today and see how our private chefs in Charleston, Philadelphia or Washington D.C. can transform your dining experience in more ways than ever.
We also offer cooking classes that can help sharpen your skills so you can recreate your
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our professional chefs can whip up for you!

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