Booking a Chef for Celebrations During Covid-19

Booking a chef for celebrating special occasions changed dramatically because of the pandemic. Since everyone
was urged to observe safety precautions and social distancing regulations, going out for non-
essential activities is risky, unsafe, and socially frowned upon.
You don’t have to postpone or cancel your celebration. Fortunately, you can still make any
gathering special and memorable during this uncertain time by booking our private chef in
Savannah. Here are some reasons why you should consider hiring a personal chef for your
special day:

1. It’s more affordable than you think

Having a private chef used to be the privilege of the wealthy. But today, you might be surprised
how affordable this option is. In fact, booking our personal chef in Savannah can help save you
Pre-pandemic days offer you the option of going out or hosting your big day outside, and this
means renting an ideal venue, buying eye-catching decorations, looking for affordable
entertainment options, and booking catering services. Handling all these event-planning aspects
is not only expensive but also stressful and inconvenient.
Reaching out to a private chef means getting to enjoy a hassle-free experience with your friends
and loved ones. You can avoid wasting money from exaggerated bar prices and get away with a
more affordable menu option that perfectly meets you and your guests’ tastes and dietary

2. It is safer than going out

When going out or hosting your big day outside, you could catch the virus anytime. It is risky
and irresponsible, especially when you are hosting your event with small children, senior loved
ones, or immunocompromised family members.
Booking a private chef is a safer option than going out. It gives you peace of mind knowing you
get to spend time with people you love and minimizes everyone’s risk of being exposed to the

3. It lets you enjoy a restaurant experience in your home

Whether you are planning to have a romantic dinner or a family get-together, hiring a private
chef offers you a one-of-a-kind dining experience with people close to your heart.
A private chef is a highly trained professional who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to
provide you with a restaurant experience in your home. They can create a menu specifically for
your preferences and requirements and do all the sourcing, cooking, serving, and even the
kitchen cleaning afterward.

How Do I Prepare for a Private Chef Session in a Pandemic?

Reach out to us, state your city, date, and meal options and choose your preferred chef. Our
chef will contact you within 48 hours.
During the session, make sure to discuss all the necessary information to plan a delectable
meal. Tell us upfront if you or your guests have allergies, intolerances, and dietary
requirements. Most importantly, be honest about you and your guests’ health status.
Communicate with us if anybody has tested positive to ensure everyone’s safety on your special


If you are considering hosting a celebration in your home, consider getting a private chef. Their
expertise can give you and your friends and family a unique and unforgettable celebration even
in the middle of a pandemic.
Need a skilled in-home chef in Charleston for your special occasion? Book our services now!
We offer private chef catering.

Published By Michael Casciello


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