A Micro Wedding Guide for Couples

A micro wedding guide for couples can help plan that special day. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many soon-to-be-weds were forced to put their big-day plans on pause. Now, even if there are some guidelines in place, they went for the best compromise: the micro wedding, a gathering of 15-35 guests with a mix of in-person and online activities. 

You and your partner may also be thinking of going towards this route and wondering about one of the most important parts: the food! Thus, consider the following tips to guide you through your micro wedding preparations: 

Splurge on food and drink options from another country

Everyone dreams of having a fancy destination wedding where you and your partner bring your closest friends and family together to a scenic location, enjoying the surroundings as you celebrate your love, trust, and new beginnings. Sadly, even as the economy starts to open up slowly, physical distancing and travel restrictions are still in place in some parts of the country. Luckily, the right kind of meals can be the best way to transport you and your guests to that special place. 

For example, let’s say you and your soon-to-be spouse fell in love with Scandinavian food due to your travels around Europe. You may have even planned to get married there, but 2020 and 2021 had other plans, preventing your destination wedding plans from happening. 

Luckily, private chefs and certain caterers are well-versed in world-class culinary techniques and can even source the finest ingredients for your micro wedding. It means you can serve some Scandinavian meals and other European delicacies to bring you and your guests to that happy place! 

Include your virtual event guests 

While some micro wedding attendees can show up in person for your big day, it would be inappropriate to require others to go, especially if they are at high risk of getting infected with the coronavirus. Therefore, it would be in your best interest, and theirs as well, if you go for the online route through video conferencing. The problem is as the events may be going on, they will feel left out, especially when it’s time to eat. 

Fortunately, you can book private chefs to show up at your guest’s house while complying with COVID-19 guidelines. This way, they can eat with you, plus they will feel like they are actually there if you serve the same food. As a result, you will have happy, engaged wedding attendees, allowing them to reminisce with you as you look back on that special day. 

Take advantage of disposable tableware and prioritize good hand hygiene 

Safety should be a big part of your micro wedding, especially since people will take off their masks to eat and touch things. Because of this, it’s best to go for plates, cups, and utensils you can wash to avoid touching objects with the virus. 

You can also have dedicated handwashing stations ready at your venue during the reception for everyone’s convenience. Thankfully, most professional chefs and catering service providers have their own set of COVID-19 guidelines to ensure peace of mind. 


Micro weddings can be just as fun as the traditional ones if you have the best menu options. It’s just like the popular saying goes, “The best way to a someone’s heart is through their stomach,” so you really have to ensure you, your partner, and dear guests can enjoy the best meal options. Remember all the previously mentioned tips and start your catering plans today! 

Are you looking for the best private chef Rehoboth Beach has to offer for your micro wedding? Connect with our experts at Food Fire+Knives. We also provide in-house chef experiences to different states and adhere to COVID-19 guidelines to ensure you can enjoy the finest food safely during your big day. A micro wedding guide for couples is a great start. Name your date and menu today! 

Published By Michael Casciello