Tips for the Perfect At Home Date

Are you growing tired of being stuck at home and having nothing fun to do? Why not have an exciting at-home date? If you don’t wish to go out and spend time together, you can still plan an awesome evening at home. Here are some great tips for the perfect at home date.

1. Set the Mood

Whether you’re planning a romantic dinner or just an evening of fun activities, setting the mood is key to making your date night special. Think about what kind of atmosphere would make it feel like a real date and create that ambiance with music, candles, decorations, and more!

2. Choose Your Activities

Decide on some activities you can do together during your at-home date night. You could watch movies or TV shows together; play board games; have a dance party in the living room; cook dinner as a team; or even participate in virtual events such as online classes or trivia nights hosted by friends over Zoom calls!

3. Get Creative With Food and Drinks

Make sure to plan for food and drinks if you’re having dinner at home – order something from your favorite restaurant for delivery (or try cooking up something new), pick out wines that pair well with whatever meal you’ll be eating, set up snacks throughout the house, so there’s always something delicious nearby. The possibilities are endless here!

4. Dress Up For The Occasion

Even though it might seem silly since no one else will see how dressed up (or down!) both of you are, putting effort into looking nice can really add to feeling special about this time spent together—plus, who doesn’t love getting all gussied up?

5. Make It A Theme Night

Spice up your night by picking a theme for the evening and dressing accordingly! Whether it’s 80s retro, beach party, or even just wearing matching colors, this could add extra fun to your time together.

6. Capture Special Moments

Take pictures throughout your evening so you’ll have memories captured forever. They will remind you of these unique times shared between two people deeply connected

7. Spend Time Apart Too

Lastly, remember not every moment together has to be spent together! Just because you can’t physically be in the same room doesn’t mean you can’t still have time apart and do your own thing. This could be a great time to work on projects, read a book, or even take time.


Planning the perfect at-home date is a great way to create a special evening for you and your partner. With creativity and planning, you can create a night you and your partner will never forget. Choose activities that you both will enjoy, set the mood with lighting and music, and don’t forget to make it a night to remember with a special dinner and dessert. You can add a personal touch by asking your partner to help with the planning or creating a special playlist. With these tips for the perfect at home date, you can create a truly magical evening that you and your partner will remember for years.

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