So You Want to Be a Private Chef? Here’s how.

Want to be a Private Chef? The food service industry is big and wide—graduating from culinary school doesn’t mean you have to be limited to the kitchen! The past year has shown us that you must adapt and try various methods to survive and succeed in the culinary industry. There are many jobs that are just as fulfilling and perhaps even more worthwhile than being a restaurant chef!

Personal Chef: The Perfect Culinary Career

If you love to cook, but you don’t want to spend the rest of your career inside a commercial kitchen, then becoming a personal chef in Savannah may be the right path to take! Unlike a restaurant chef, personal chefs usually work for multiple clients and prepare meals or deliver pre-made dishes to private homes. 

Your responsibilities can include cooking for parties or gatherings and creating meals for people with dietary restrictions. Being a personal chef means you won’t be limited to a set menu; you can explore and experiment with different dishes to hone your skills and perfect your recipes!

In addition to honing your craft, you will also have the opportunity to interact with your client and form connections with people who have knowledge and experience that may be beneficial to your career. 

Managing Your Expectations

Becoming a personal chef in Savannah may seem like the dream career, but it comes with its own challenges, just like with other jobs. This is far from a walk in the park—many problems can arise during your stint as a personal chef! Given that, it is your responsibility to know what to expect so that you can handle any situation with ease. 

You Need to Like People

If you’re an introvert, this job may prove to be much more difficult than expected. While restaurant chefs are separated from their customers, you will constantly be exposed to various social situations as a personal chef. Most times, your clients will stop to chat, and you may eventually develop relationships with them, depending on your interpersonal skills.

Be Prepared for Feedback

Since you’ll be in close proximity to your clients, they will be much more open to expressing how they feel about your dishes. Personal chefs are much more vulnerable to feedback, so you must toughen up in case of any unsatisfactory reactions! At the end of the day, whatever criticism or comments they give will help you improve the way you cook your meals.

Take Care of Business Operations

Job security is perhaps the biggest difference between personal chefs and restaurant chefs. As a personal chef, you bear the responsibility of making the cash flow. 

There are many duties you need to take care of besides cooking. You need to handle the business expenses such as transportation, ingredients, equipment, and taxes. If you want to skip the hassle of managing a business, then work at a personal chef company instead. Companies like Food Fire+Knives handle the billing and everything else for you, so you can just focus on the part you love: the cooking!


Leave the restaurant life and enter the wonderful world of personal chefs! Improve your culinary skills, experience new things, and further your career by working as a personal chef in Savannah. Connect with a trusted and reputable personal chef company so that you can show your clients what you’ve got!

Do you want to become a personal chef in Savannah? Work with us at Food Fire+Knives! We bring you the business and handle the billing, so you do what you love most—the cooking! Create your own schedule and menu, and you’re good to go. Apply now if you want to be a private chef and become part of our team!

Published By Michael Casciello