Pandemic Catering Safety Tips to Consider

Pandemic catering safety tips can save a lot of headaches. One of the most demanding industries hit by the coronavirus includes the restaurant and catering sector. The strict social distancing regulations made it nearly impossible to serve customers. Fortunately, the economy found a silver lining with delivery systems.  This allowing catering businesses to safely satisfy hungry customers with limited face-to-face interactions. 

Catering is less of a communal activity due to the pandemic.  Office parties, family gatherings, and other celebrations can still fill ravenous stomachs with the right organization. Whatever reason you may have for throwing a party, here are some ways to enjoy a gastronomic event in group settings: 

Tip #1: Skip the Buffet

Sometimes large gatherings can’t be avoided, especially for office events. If throwing a small party is not an option, you can still cater to all your guests and practice safety measures by skipping the buffet. 

People going back to get food is a recipe for spreading potential viruses.  Instead of opting for traditional catering, you can minimize risks by going to chef-attended food stations. This ensures that only one professional is manning the utensils, dishes, and food.  This will provide greater safety assurance for everyone as one chef prepares a variety of dishes for each guest. 

Tip #2: Go for Individual Portions 

If hiring a personal chef isn’t possible, you can also serve many people by going for individual, boxed portions.  Planning for a set amount with packaged meals, bottled beverages, and separately wrapped desserts is one of the cleanest ways to cater to groups without running into the risk of contaminating each other’s utensils or dishes. 

Tip #3: Use Single-Use Products

When it comes to throwing parties, the goal is to limit contact between the guests and staff as much as possible. You can do so by requesting single-use catering cutlery and tableware.  Keep in mind that it’s better to opt for eco-friendly disposables such as boxes, trays, or wrappers made from renewable materials. 

The Bottom Line: Catering Events Made Safer During the Pandemic 

Everyone craves a good time to break free from coronavirus fatigue.  It’s always important to practice safety measures, especially when organizing a catering event. Hiring professional chefs to take over your catering event can offer you a more secure and fulfilling solution, be it for small lunch meetings or office-wide celebrations. 

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Published By Michael Casciello