Oven Basics: The Ins and Outs of Roasting Meat

Roasting and baking meat in the oven can bring out the flavor of the meat; it’s a cooking process that chefs do all over the world. It is a technique that can produce more tender and juicier meat. If you’re planning to prepare meat in the oven, it’s best to know oven basics before using this appliance. 

Deep Tray

There are plenty of trays you can use if you’re cooking in an oven, depending on what you’re cooking. It’s important to know the height of the meat. You can’t go wrong with deep trays if the oven is large enough. 

Do: When you prepare your meat using a deep tray, you can place the tray in the lowest section of the oven; that way, it can distribute the heat evenly. Using a deep tray can help you avoid burning your meal as well. It increases the chances of very tender meat inside and a crusty texture outside. 

Don’t: Avoid placing the deep tray in the highest section of the oven, not only will you have burnt meat, but you may also have uncooked meat inside.

Oven Safety

You might want to avoid burning your meat by setting the oven temperature too high. Even so, you should know which tray is more appropriate to use. You should be aware of the oven’s safety when the temperature is high. Be cautious of the possibility of burning.

Do: Always remember to put your oven gloves on every time you need to move the tray or the food inside. Though ovens have safety systems, make sure to open the door only when needed—such as adding more ingredients or checking the internal temperature.

Don’t: When opening the door, do not touch the food or tray inside without any oven gloves obviously. Always use protection to keep your hands from getting burned. 

Oven Cleaning

Cleaning the oven is the last thing people want to do but it is critical. Like most appliances, your oven needs tender, loving care as well. Regular maintenance will add more years to your oven’s lifespan. It can also help you avoid mixed food aromas when you open the oven door. Keeping your oven and other appliances clean and well-maintained can also make it easier if you hire a personal chef or catering service. 

Do: Clean the oven an hour after you cook your favorite meal. If your oven has a self-cleaning system, you can use that to save time. 

Don’t: Leaving grease and small portions of food that splattered inside won’t do your oven good. Not only that it will be hard to remove them once such messes set, but the smell left inside will stick for a long time.


Always pay attention to what tray you’re using—to your oven’s temperature, its cleanliness each time you’re cooking, and so on. Oven basics shouldn’t be overlooked. Or you can always call a private chef to experience the luxury of eating a luxurious meal without preparing it yourself.

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Published By Michael Casciello