Office Perks To Attract & Retain Top Talent

Going Beyond Free Lunch: Innovative Office Perks that Attract and Retain Top Talent

Office perks are a great way to bolster a traditional employment package and attract talent to your team. It’s wise not to underestimate the value of these perks, and how they may appeal to potential employees looking to get the most out of joining your company. It’s time to get innovative with office perks to attract & retain top talent. 

In addition to looking for a role that suits their professional aspirations, job seekers are looking for a workplace culture consistent with the lifestyle choices they make and they envision for themselves. These benefits may be a major consideration for talent on the market, as well as members of your team who could otherwise be attracted elsewhere. 

A recent study found that only 36% of U.S. employees are actively engaged in the workplace. Of the disengaged, 74% are looking at alternative employment options. Office perks are a great place to start when looking to boost morale and make employees feel more appreciated. 

Begin With Lunch

Free snacks and meals are amongst the most popular in-office perks. A free lunch rewards and acknowledges each member’s contribution and shows your team that you value their well-being. Making lunch available at the office also fosters an environment that enables team members to connect during their hour off. 

While this is a great gesture, there are many other perks to be considered, and thinking outside the box will differentiate you from your competitors. 

Focus on Health and Wellbeing 

Emphasizing health and well-being in the workplace can be as simple as finding a spare room and dedicating this space to wellness.

If you have space to spare and adequate washroom facilities, you can start an in-office gym with fitness equipment. You can also hold classes here by inviting an instructor on select days of the week or following workout videos. Another option is dedicating this space to yoga and meditation, which may help to combat workplace stress. 

If you’re looking to make an even greater investment, some companies have taken to having doctors and registered nurses on-site. 

A wellness program can come in handy if you don’t have the extra room to dedicate to a specialized space. Consider sponsoring gym memberships, instructor-led classes, and visits to specialists. 

Getting your workers active and out of their seats combats a host of health issues that come with the sedentary office life. Investing in their wellness makes for healthier, more productive workers in the long run.

Keep Up with Their Commute

Office perks can start before an employee even enters the workplace. Commuting takes up an enormous amount of time each year for the average worker. The length and quality of their commute is often a major consideration when it comes to choosing and sticking with a role. 

Making this aspect of their life more convenient, affordable, and comfortable can have a huge impact. This can be done through rideshares, gas cards, passes for public transportation, and work shuttles. 

Remote Working Days

Sometimes the best office perk is outside the formal workplace. Due to the pandemic, many workers became accustomed to working from home, and feel that they can accomplish the same, if not more, outside of the office space. 

Working from home allows workers to avoid their daily commute to and from the office, which often takes up lots of energy and time. Without the morning rush, they may feel better rested and more productive for the day ahead.

If your company can’t transition to allow workers the option of being fully remote, consider designating a ‘work from home’ day once a week. 

Foster Professional Growth

One of the major reasons employees begin looking elsewhere is because they feel that their career has stagnated. The new generation of workers isn’t seeking lifetime employment at a single corporation and is happy to job hop if they see more attractive options elsewhere. 

When assessing how to calculate profit margin, you may find that investing in your employees’ professional growth will give you the best return on investment. If you help them to better envision a future at your company and facilitate it, your retention rates will improve—and so will your employee’s productivity and motivation. 

Many major companies offer professional development and management training programs. This assures workers that upward mobility is possible within your company, and they don’t have to look elsewhere to take the next steps in their careers.

Another way to foster their professional growth is by sponsoring university courses and other formal qualifications. The cost of higher education is increasingly unaffordable for the average person, so this benefit is especially attractive. 

Help Employees Invest in the Company

Gifting your employees with stock options and equity gives them a personal stake in the well-being of your company. This gives ownership and personal meaning to their work, as it’s not only beneficial to the company, but also to themselves.

There are many ways to enable employee ownership. While granting stock options is popular, another option is employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). These operate through a trust, where the company holds shares for its workers. Companies and owners can benefit from this as they receive substantial tax incentives. At the same time, employees who hold equity options tend to have higher median incomes and enjoy greater job stability.

Make Your Office Events Stand Out 

A work function provides your team with something to look forward to. It’s an opportunity for bonding, and a reward for a year or quarter well done. 

It’s often said that the best gift is a new experience. This is why centering your event on an activity, or form of entertainment, will make it truly memorable. 

Amongst the best gifts are dining experiences. Hiring a private chef for your office event is sure to be a hit amongst your team. A chef can create a menu uniquely tailored to your team’s preferences and dietary requirements. You can even choose an interesting cultural cuisine, or tie the meal into a theme, assured that it will be well-executed and of high quality. 

Create  A Culture Of Appreciation

While there is a lot more to attracting and retaining top talent, office perks play a major role in fostering a great company culture. If you show employees appreciation, they’ll feel more motivated and happier in the workplace, and they’re far more likely to remain with your company for a longer stretch. 

Using these ideas, you can ensure your workforce knows that they’re so much more than just another cog in the wheel. It’s time to get innovative with office perks to attract & retain top talent. 

Published By Katie Colon