Now Hiring Chefs: Apply with these Tips

Food Fire + Knives is now hiring chefs. No matter which state you’re in, there is always a high demand for chefs who are notably skilled. Professionals in the culinary world include the likes of private chefs or hot-shot restaurant owners that man their own kitchens.  

One of a chef’s many responsibilities includes observing efficient, creative, and safe food handling throughout the process of production. A chef is also responsible for multiple administrative duties, including staff management, ordering, and the handling of inventory.

Since this profession has various aspects to it, people looking to enter the culinary arts world need to indicate their kitchen skills clearly. Hand-in-hand with that is the need to share other soft skills which are necessary for the position to survive the culinary industry! 

When skills are detailed on a resume, employers get a clearer idea of how and why the applicant is an asset to kitchen staff. However, how can one indicate so in their resume so as to catch the eye of a possible employer, especially Food Fire + Knives, who is now hiring chefs?

To help you out, here are some steps you can take to fix up your resume:

  • Break things down into categories

Clarity is best achieved through organization, which, in this case, also includes skills. Skills should be divided into particular classifications: soft skills, culinary skills, and administrative skills. That gives employers an easier time reading through your resume and understanding your multiple abilities.

  • Establish a section labeled ‘skills’

A resume would benefit greatly from a section that specifically allows for skills to be listed. At that moment, the employer will be able to assess one’s capabilities in organized and evident ways. 

The proficiency that goes into each skill must also be highlighted there as well. A key example of this would be the likes of a skill like ‘Knife Handling’ as well as the skill level (‘Expert’).

  • Skills tailored to the description of the job

Applying for a new job somewhere requires revisiting your resume to tailor it for the job you’re planning to take on. 

The job description will have attributes that are particular to what an employer needs in a candidate.  Your resume must reflect your expertise in highlighted areas without losing any part of the truth or stretching it out excessively,!

What are the best skills of a cook to place in a resume aside from culinary expertise?

  • Attention to detail – It is necessary to have a keen eye for detail when working in a kitchen. This doesn’t just apply to taking measurements, segregation portions, and following directions, but it also involves the post-cooking process, such as in plating and serving!
  • Administrative skills – Business sense is key in culinary positions as well. Food must be delicious yet cost-effective. Organizational skills and problem-solving also fall under this category.
  • Cleanliness – Now more than ever is being sanitary a non-negotiable—especially when it comes to handling food.
  • Collaboration and communication – Working with others in a team is a skill in itself! Kitchens are typically high-pressure environments, and it’s key to keep a cool head while communicating with others.


The best way to list skills on a resume is to have a section dedicated to just that. By factoring in the guide indicated above, you’re sure to be on your way for someone to hire you for that dream cook job you’re applying for.

Are you looking to become a private chef for Food Fire + Knives but don’t know where and how to start? We’re now hiring chefs. Work with us at Food Fire+Knives today! We’re always open to working with aspiring chefs from all over the US. Get in touch with us today to find out more!

Published By Michael Casciello