North Carolina Culinary Treats

North Carolina Culinary Treats

The South has many culinary offerings that are sure to please anyone! The southern states are known for their rich culinary traditions; North Carolina is no exception. The state has some of the best food in the country and a variety of unique and delicious dishes. Here are 10 North Carolina culinary treats that you should try:

North Carolina Ham

This delicacy is made by taking a cut of pork (usually the hind leg), curing it with salt and other seasonings, and then smoking it. It is cured for 40 days and then smoked in a smokehouse. The resulting ham is typically served cold but can also be warmed or hot. North Carolina country ham is best served thinly sliced and eaten with biscuits or toast.

Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a classic Southern appetizer. The eggs are boiled, the yolks are removed and mixed with mayonnaise, mustard, and other seasonings, and then the mixture is spooned back into the egg whites. They are often garnished with paprika or chopped herbs.

Mt. Olive Pickles

Mt. Olive Pickles is a family-owned company that has been producing pickles in North Carolina since 1926. They offer various pickles, relishes, and other condiments, but their “Southern Style” dill pickle is their most famous product.

Calabash Seafood

Calabash Seafood is a style of fried seafood that originated in Calabash, North Carolina. The seafood is lightly battered and then fried until crispy. It is often served with hushpuppies (deep-fried balls of cornmeal batter) and coleslaw.

Cheese Pimiento

This spread is made by mixing shredded cheddar cheese with mayonnaise, diced pimentos, and seasonings. It can be served as dip or spread but is often used as a sandwich filling.

North Carolina-Style Barbecue

North Carolina barbecue is typically made with pork that has been slow-cooked over wood coals. The meat is then pulled apart into small pieces and mixed with a vinegar-based sauce.

Collard Greens 

Collard greens are one of the most popular dishes in North Carolina. This leafy green vegetable is often prepared with pork or sausage and simmered slowly in water until they become tender enough to chew.

Carolina-Style Hot Dogs and Hamburgers 

Hot dogs and hamburgers are classic American comfort foods, but they get a delicious Carolina twist when they’re grilled with a unique blend of spices. Carolina-style hot dogs and hamburgers are usually served with slaw, chillis, and onions.

Fried Green Tomatoes 

Fried green tomatoes are made by slicing unripe tomatoes, dredging them in cornmeal or flour, and then frying them until crispy. They are often served as a side dish or appetizer.


Livermush is a sausage made from pork liver, head meat, and cornmeal. It is a popular breakfast food in western North Carolina and is often served sliced and fried with eggs and toast.


Carolina-style cooking has something to offer no matter what your taste buds are in the mood for. Whether you’re looking for a meaty breakfast, hearty lunch, or delicious dinner, North Carolina has it all. And with so many different types of food, it’s easy to find something that satisfies your appetite and quenches your thirst. So next time you’re looking for a delicious Southern-style meal, be sure to give Carolina-style cooking a try!

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