Hosting an Incredible Brunch Party

A party, with food and company, is a true test of adulthood. Combining “breakfast” and “lunch” into brunch is easily the most superior meal of the day, after all. If you’ve never hosted a brunch before and if you’re feeling like you want to, don’t fret! Hosting an incredible brunch party is nothing to be stressed out about whatsoever!

If you have a guest list in mind, the next key steps are:

  • Setting a time for the gathering
  • Setting a time for the food to be served
  • Pairing cocktails and/or drinks in general with food

In this blog, we’re going to explore key tips for hosting a brunch party with friends!

Host An Incredible Brunch For Friends By Keeping Your Budget & Guest List In Mind

If you are planning a large gathering, the first step is to figure out the number of guests who will comfortably fit in your house and still be able to circulate through the space. You don’t want to plan a brunch for 10 people and only have room to seat six comfortably. 

Second, consider your budget! If money is an issue, you’ll want to explore ways to make the most of whatever funds you have! There are many recipes that require minimal ingredients. On the other hand, you can also set a loose figure “per head” and try to work from there.

Laying the Table Out the Night Before

Setting a table can seem like a waste of time, but it’s worth the effort. There are many benefits associated with setting the table. While no one will complain that your food doesn’t have a proper place to rest, setting the table adds a special touch and may prompt guests to engage in conversation. 

Planning the Menu Well

Planning the menu for brunch can commence properly when there’s a budget and guest list established. a balanced menu of sweet AND savory dishes is necessary to satisfy the taste buds of all of the guests in attendance. There are a plethora of recipes available online and different approaches to planning a menu that you can use if you want. 

Of course, you can always hire an in-house chef to take a lot of this prep and stress off!

Host An Incredible Brunch For Friends By Taking Sleep Into Account

Whether you decide to host a crowd that gets up late at night or a more relaxed group, either can sleep in and you should accommodate them. If you try to schedule your brunch for 9 or 10 a.m., you risk half of your guests sleeping through, or showing up cranky from being woken from a deep sleep.

Despite the breakfast angle to the term ‘brunch,’ noon is actually the ideal time for the meal. This gives you ample time in the morning to get your food prepared, and still have some lunch items available for those who choose to stay more.


Brunch (a term that essentially combines the words ‘breakfast’ and ‘lunch’) is well-beloved for many reasons. When the plan is hosting an incredible brunch party with friends, set the time to gather, time for food to be served and pair drinks with the food. Incredible hosting is best achieved through taking sleep into account, laying out the table the night before and keeping the budget and guest list in mind.

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Published By Kim Gandhi Kim Gandhi began cooking at 8 years old with a love of food driving her to experiment with her Hispanic and German heritage. She gained a BBA in Marketing and turned to the business world for much of her career. Her strong customer service background and her passion for great events that involve chefs, customers, and amazing food allows her to indulge in her love of cooking and enjoying what FFK chefs bring to the table.