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Great 60th

Chef Brian cooked a wonderful 60th birthday dinner for my wife and family. He came fully prepared, providing multiple vegan courses. His knowledge of unique ingredient combinations brings flavor profiles to Vegan cooking the is truly remarkable. Brian has worked along side of some of Austin’s most well know Chefs and seamlessly fuses culinary styles into his own, creating a truly unique experience. I would highly recommend you reach out to Brian for your next special event.

- David Rayne
We love Chef Brian!

We had a blast with Chef Brian! He came to cook dinner for us one night of our friend’s bachelorette weekend in Austin and was not only a very prepared and skilled chef, but also was beyond kind and friendly. The Tex-Mex dinner he made us was incredible! He also threw in some extra items for us that were an amazing addition. Hiring Chef Brian was our group’s favorite decision of the entire trip. Next time we’re back in Austin, we will definitely plan for another fun dinner with Chef Brian. Thank you so much to Chef Brian and FF+K for a great and memorable experience 🙂

- Hayden Buckley
Brian Blew Us Away!

Chef Brian was fantastic in every way. Accommodating, charming, going the extra mile, and of course the food was AMAZING! He made a very special family dinner into something truly remarkable and memorable.

- Matthew Portman
Chef Brian

Chef Brian

I’ve had a diverse and illustrious career that has taken me on an extraordinary journey. My culinary expertise is deeply rooted in the heart of Texas, yet flavored with international influences from my culinary stints.

Having once graced the kitchen of Franklin BBQ, I honed my skills in the revered art of Texas-style barbecue, mastering the art of crafting perfectly smoked, tender meats that have garnered worldwide acclaim.

My culinary adventure further unfolded at Foreign and Domestic, where I embraced a farm-to-table philosophy, celebrating the finest locally-sourced ingredients in my culinary creations. This experience instilled in me a profound respect for seasonality and sustainability,

Continuing my culinary journey, I took on the challenge of catering to discerning palates at Facebook, where I honed my skills in crafting extraordinary menus that cater to a diverse and dynamic audience.

Venturing into the realm of luxury, I graced the kitchens of Omni Resorts and hotels, where I learned the art of delivering unparalleled culinary experiences to discerning guests from around the world. This experience instilled in me an unwavering commitment to excellence, with a focus on creating indulgent and memorable dining encounters.

With a wealth of experiences from renowned establishments, I continue on the path to master the art of blending Texas authenticity with global influences, crafting a culinary style that is as diverse and intriguing as the journey that shaped me. MY dishes tell a story of passion, innovation, and the pursuit of perfection, captivating the senses and leaving a lasting impression on every palate they touch.

Cuisines & Events: American, Asian Fusion, Barbecue, Breakfast/Brunch, Chefs Table- Pre Fixe Menu, Comfort, Farm to Table, Health, Latin, Local, Mexican, Southern

How to Hire a Private Chef for Your Event

  • Pick a place, date, and time.
  • Select your chef and menu. (Each chef offers different menus which are fully a la carte. Simply choose the dishes you want for your occasion.)
  • Add details like the number of guests and any special instructions.
  • Pay for your reservation. Make any changes or even cancel up to a week before your event for a refund.
  • After you’ve made a reservation, the private chef you’ve hired will reach out within 48 hours to confirm the details and coordinate their arrival.
  • If you’ve added any special dietary restrictions or event instructions, they’ll work with you to implement those.
  • Your chef will arrive with everything they need, including ingredients, cooking equipment, and cleaning supplies. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the day with your guests.
  • The cleanup is included too! Hire a private chef with us and know that we’ll likely leave your kitchen cleaner than when you gave it to us.

Our Top FAQs

1. Can I customize the menu?

Absolutely! All our menus are fully a la carte. Once you’ve decided on a chef, you’ll see a list of all the dishes they offer and you can choose the ones you’d like for your event.

2. How is your service priced?

You pay a fixed price per guest based on your menu, plus a small, all-inclusive booking fee to our platform. You’ll be able to see exactly what you’re paying when you make a booking. No hidden costs, ever.

3. How many guests can I invite?

As many as you like! Although for events with over 30 people, we ask that you reach out to us to make an event inquiry.

4. My group has multiple dietary restrictions

That’s absolutely fine! When finalizing your menu, please mention these under ‘Special Instructions.’ For instance, you can specify that you’d like to accommodate one vegan guest and one gluten-free guest for your at-home catering and your private chef will prepare suitable dish variants for those guests.

5. Can I make changes to the menu or guest list?

Yes! You can make any changes to your booking. You can even cancel it up to a week before your event, and you’ll receive a refund.

6. Is my event insured?

Yes, it is. Our service includes full insurance for your private chef in case of any mishaps.

7. How are the Chefs chosen?

Each chef is fully vetted. We require at minimum one year of sous chef experience. Your chef has gone through an FCRA compliant background check and multiple interviews before joining our platform.

8. What is FFKs cancellation and refund policy?

We take pre-payment to secure your chef and simplify our service. No fumbling with payments after your event or dealing with multiple payments in different stages of the process. Much like our service, our return policy is simple and meant to protect you, our hosts and our amazing Chefs.

  • One week or more before your event we guarantee your refund.
  • During the week of your event we offer a 50% refund.
  • We will not be able to refund within 48 hours of your event. At this point your chef has not been available for other parties and has already planned for your event. *Please note all refunds are less processing and booking fees