Best Foods by Private Chefs in Florida

 Whether you’re relocating or visiting for fun, you’d know that Florida is one of the best places to be. This sunny state is best known for being America’s tropical getaway, thanks to its endless sunshine, summer days, and stunning beaches. While getting distracted by the warm weather and breathtaking views may be easy, you should never miss trying their best foods. However, it can be tricky to try these delectable dishes if you’re on a budget or stuck at home. Fortunately, you can taste the flavors of the sunshine state without leaving home by hiring a private chef to cook these foods. Here are ten best foods by private chefs in Florida:

1. Citrus

Like other sunny states, Florida is best known for its healthy and mouth watering citrus fruits, such as grapefruits, oranges, tangerines, and tangelos. You can ask your private chef to whip up a refreshing glass of morning juice and cocktail. They can also add them to your desired seafood dishes. 

2. Conch 

Conch is a popular shellfish delicacy from the Florida Keys or the “Conch Republic.” Private chefs soak it in lemon juice and create ceviche, chowder, and conch fritters. 

3. Cuban Sandwich 

The Cuban is the most popular sandwich in Southern Florida. Your professional private chef can also whip up this mouthwatering combination of roast pork, ham, swiss cheese, pickles, and Cuban bread. It’s a staple in Miami’s Cuban restaurants and will undoubtedly have you hooked after one bite. 

4. Dole Whip 

Even if you can’t visit Disney World in Florida physically, your Floridian gastronomic journey won’t be complete without asking a private chef to whip up a fresh glass of Dole Pineapple Whip. This crowd favorite led to the rise of copycat recipes online. Whether you want these professionals to pour it into a cup or turn it into a float, it’s a refreshing and creamy way to beat the summer heat! 

5. Fried Gator Bites 

Whether you want a private chef to cook fried fritters or stewed chowder, you can never go wrong with the Florida alligator’s unique flavor. Furthermore alligator tail meal is a popular dish in the state, usually fried in cornmeal for a crispy outside and tender inside. It tastes like chicken; people can also serve it blackened or in a slice of cheesecake.

6. Floribbean Cuisine 

Southern Florida is home to an incredible variety of food from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Colombia, Panama, and the Bahamas. You can ask your private chef to cook authentic dishes such as arroz con pollo, lechón asado, fried plantains, arepas, empanadas, and Jamaican jerk chicken. Consequently this step lets you enjoy the gastronomic experience without traveling to those countries. 

7. Grouper and Snapper

Grouper and Snapper are two types of fish popular with Floridians. Both taste delicious and healthy, with Snapper being sweet and succulent, and private chefs can serve Grouper with citrus, blackened, or in a sandwich. 

8. Key Lime Pie

The iconic key lime pie originates from the Florida Keys. Additionally, your private chef can create a slice of this mouthwatering treat from limes, egg yolks, and condensed milk and top it with meringue. However, its authentic version is yellow, not green.

9. Publix Sub

Locals love Publix subs because of their crispy chicken tenders and custom toppings. Floridians form a blockbuster line during lunchtime at the stores to get one.

10. Stone Crabs 

These crustaceans are a state delicacy with strict harvesting regulations to conserve the population. Your private chef can also serve the claws cold with mustard sauce to help you cool for the summer. 

A Taste of the Sunshine State

Florida houses some of the mouth watering delicacies in the United States. Trying these best foods by private chefs in Florida can let you enjoy a gastronomic experience without leaving home.

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