The Difference between a Private and a Personal Chef

The Difference between a Private and a Personal Chef

Planning a party can be stressful. There are several things to consider, from the guest list to the menu and decorations. Hiring a private chef can relieve some of the stress of party planning.  Knowing the difference between a private and a personal chef helps you decide which one to choose.

Private chefs can help you choose the perfect menu for your event. They can also take care of all the shopping and cooking, so you can relax and enjoy your party. Having private chefs can also be a great conversation starter at your event. Your guests will be impressed that you were able to hire such a professional.

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a private chef and a personal chef? Both types of chefs can cook meals for you in your home. But there are some critical distinctions between the two. Let us examine them closely. 

Glaring Difference

Concerning private and personal chefs, it is easy to think that the terms are interchangeable. After all, both types of chefs cook for individuals or small groups, and both typically work in the client’s home. However, some critical differences between the two types of chefs are worth noting.

The Number of Clients They Work With

Personal chefs work for multiple clients, often preparing meals in their homes. They typically have a culinary degree or professional experience working in a restaurant kitchen. Personal chefs usually work independently, though some may work for a catering company or food service.

Most personal chefs will develop a menu with the client, considering any dietary restrictions or preferences. They will then do the shopping and cooking and clean up afterward. Meals can be cooked ahead of time and stored in the fridge or freezer, or personal chefs can come to the house to cook daily or weekly.

Many personal chefs offer menu planning, cooking lessons, and pantry stocking. Prices depend on the services provided, but personal chefs typically charge by the meal or hour.

A private chef is a chef who works for a single client, usually in the client’s home. The client may be an individual, a family, or a corporation. A private chef is often responsible for all the food planning and preparation for the client and for cooking and serving the meals.

Employment Arrangement

Private chefs are salaried employees responsible for preparing meals for their employers. They typically work in the employer’s home but may also work in a restaurant or catering kitchen.

Personal chefs are self-employed culinary professionals who prepare meals for their clients in their homes. They are often hired by busy families or individuals who do not have the time or inclination to cook for themselves. Personal chefs typically create a menu with the client.  Plus, they do the grocery shopping, and prepare and serve the meals in the client’s home. Some personal chefs also provide catering services. 


There are a few key differences between private chefs and personal chefs. First, private chefs are typically hired by a single family or individual, while personal chefs usually work with multiple clients. Second, private chefs are self-employed, while personal chefs are employed by their clients.

Overall, hiring a private or a personal chef depends on the specific needs and preferences of the family or individual. A private chef may be the best option if you want someone to prepare gourmet meals regularly. However, a personal chef may be a better fit if you are looking for someone to help with the occasional dinner party or special event.

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Published By Kim Gandhi Kim Gandhi began cooking at 8 years old with a love of food driving her to experiment with her Hispanic and German heritage. She gained a BBA in Marketing and turned to the business world for much of her career. Her strong customer service background and her passion for great events that involve chefs, customers, and amazing food allows her to indulge in her love of cooking and enjoying what FFK chefs bring to the table.