What to Expect When You Hire a Private Chef at Home

The concept of a private in-home chef is not entirely new as this setup was pretty typical among
elites and famous personalities decades ago. Back then, they hire a private chef for luxury,
homeowners today hire one for convenience and health safety. It is especially true knowing
today’s situation where infection of coronavirus is still prevalent. Aside from that, most people
hire personal chefs for their dietary restrictions and personal preferences.
If you are interested in hiring a private chef at home and want to learn more about how it works,
here are several things that you should expect when hiring one:

1. A private chef presents a menu for approval

Typically, the client will request specific sets of meals to their chef. What the chef will do is to
follow that instruction and present it to the client for approval. During the approval process, the
client may request to change a specific thing in the meal, such as ingredients, the process of
cooking, and even plate presentation. The goal of the chef is to satisfy the taste, cravings, and
needs of their clients. If their clients request a change, a private chef will be glad to comply, as
long as it is reasonable.

2. A private chef may live-in or live-out

When you hire a private chef, you can choose whether you want them to live in your home.
However, most private chefs are in-home since high-net-worth families hire them. When they
get hired in-home, they either live at the same house or get compensated with an apartment.
Aside from that, they get access to their vehicles and home.

3. A private chef may charge for an hourly rate or based on the meals prepared

Some chefs prefer to bill at an hourly rate. However, most of them charge based on their fixed
service fee plus the cost of the ingredients that were used in a particular meal. It works like the
client is paying for the meal itself more than the overall service.

4. A private chef also earns benefits and performance bonuses

High-net worth clients always prefer to choose the best chefs in their locality, and some even
hire foreign ones based on their experience and expertise. Since these private chefs are well-
experienced, they mostly receive bonuses and benefits apart from their usual salaries.

5. A private chef may serve several clients all at once

In case you hire a live-out private chef, they may choose to serve other clients. These chefs are
employed mostly on a contractual setup, so they have control over their time. Typically, they
serve clients per schedule. One client may want to receive personalized meals on weekdays,
while the other clients only want to request meals on specific days.


Hiring a private chef is becoming more and more common and in-demand today, especially that
most people are conscious about their health safety and convenience more than ever. When
you hire an in-home chef, you should be ready to accommodate their needs. Since most of
them are top chefs, you should ensure that they receive the right compensation as they provide
you with excellent and convenient services at the comfort of your home.
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