Chefs Break Out The Crystal Ball For Some 2019 Predictions

Forecasters are looking at trends that may influence our food in 2019! What foods will include CBD or Cannabidiol? Will insect protein become more mainstream? What vegetable will replace cauliflower at the star of the year? (Hint: maybe cabbage) Will Kombucha grow in popularity and fermentation expand?

Most forecasters agree that vegan and vegetarian cuisine will become more popular in 2019. Even though only 3.2% of Americans self-identify as vegan or vegetarian, their influence feels bigger! Social Media and people’s’ desire to be healthier has helped to spur the growth, for sure.

Even mainstream food companies like Unilever are investing in plant-based food. Unilever owns Hellman’s Mayonnaise and tried to sue startup Hampton Creek over calling their eggless mayonnaise “Just Mayo”. Unilever changed their minds and soon joined in making an eggless mayo themselves. Los Angeles startup Beyond Meat offers popular hamburger and chicken plant-based protein and just tripled its production capacity in June 2018.

We give major credit to The Chefs for the positive acceptance! Chefs love a challenge and embrace the opportunity to make great food with new ingredients, and innovative ideas and combinations, for groundbreaking results! The chef-created vegan and vegetarian dishes of the past few years have been 5 stars!

Our own chefs’ always focus on healthy delicious meals and already prepare amazing food for all dietary choices! We’re excited about all the opportunities and challenges to come!