Summer Wines to Try- Living the Balmy Dream

Summer wines to try. The perfect summer dream is easy to visualize—clement weather and bright rays of sunshine,
with plenty of greens and florals to accompany your days. It’s linen and picnic baskets,
balconies and brunches, drinks by the ocean blue, and even new adventures, like an in-home
chef experience. All of these summer getaways require the perfect companion—a bottle of wine
for bright smiles and colorful conversations.
While settling for a good bottle of red wine may suffice, the summer heat will leave you craving
for more flavors. Warm weathers call for more refreshing and enjoyable glasses, with hints of
fruits. To make your brunches and evenings more special, here are summer wines to try out:

Riesling: For exotic flavors

Moving away from the family of red wines, Riesling offers an interesting adventure. Often
referred to as viscous yet sweet, the wine is known by the crisp acidity it offers, followed by the
refreshing hints of apricot, pear, and peach.
A bottle of Riesling can be paired well with spicy meals, like Thai and Indian, for evenings of
palate adventures. It serves as the perfect accompaniment to any food, in general, especially
during summer nights where its sweet texture and rather a crisp acidity is welcome for washing
down any strong flavors.

Frappato: For fresh ocean food

A bottle of Frappato can perhaps be considered as some of the lightest wines in existence, but
very much close to the red wine family. It comes from a Sicilian grape, which boasts the colors
of wildflowers that grow in spring.
With hits of floral tastes and rather earthy tones, the Frappato is a perfect summer wine. Due to
its refreshing nature, many prefer it served with seafood, such as fresh oysters and lobsters. If
you’re planning on a beach trip any time soon, bring a bottle (or three!) of Frappato—you’ll be
laughing and enjoying under the stars!

Pinot Grigio: For sour and strong flavors

Pinot Grigio has already carved a name for itself, as demand for bottles of this popular white
wine grape occurs all-year-round. As a companion to plenty of meals, the summer months also
require the refreshing taste of Pinot Grigio—it’s a summer staple indeed, boasting of flavors like
guava, pineapple, and even mango.
Due to its acidity, many prefer it paired with vinegar-infused food, like fresh salads topped with
delectable helpings of balsamic vinegar. It also pairs well with a variety of seafood, making it a
go-to for cruises and island adventures.

Sauvignon Blanc: For all summer meals

Sauvignon blanc deserves a spot on this list for a reason—this white wine is the most versatile,
which can be paired with almost anything. With flavors of green apple, flowery peach, and even
zesty notes, it’s the perfect summer trapped in a bottle.
It pairs well with food quite hard to match with wine, such as cauliflower, kale salads, tomatoes
and garlic, and even asparagus and artichokes. Ranging from umami to bright bursts of flavors,
you can never go wrong with a good bottle of Sauvignon blanc—don’t forget to pack one for
your picnics!

The Bottom Line

Good summer wines shouldn’t take all summer long to find. Through our small but helpful list
above, you now know which bottles to get your next summer adventures. Be it tucking into a
platter of oysters, enjoying fresh salads, or simply lounging around on your balcony, these
summer wines will make the rest of your balmy days dreamy and worth remembering.
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Published By Michael Casciello


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