Private Chefs for Stress Free Holidays

Now Taking Reservations for the Holiday Season!

The 2019 holiday season is coming up soon. This year you can enjoy stress-free holiday meals and parties with our private chefs who’ll create amazing food for your family and friends.
It’s simple and easy. Your private chef works with you to design the menu.Your chef does the planning, shopping, cooking, serving and cleanup! You enjoy your guests! Yes, it really is that simple.
Having a private chef is an affordable option compared to hosting a dinner party at a restaurant. Your Private chef has professional relationships with farmers and food producers and knows where to shop for the freshest, seasonal ingredients and brings these right to your door!

Your personal Chef has experience preparing meals for a few people to many guests. He will scale the quantity of ingredients and adjust recipes, so that every guest enjoys a delicious meal experience that is just right for your event.
Your family and friends will have a unique personal experience. They’ll meet and chat with our Private chefs and have the up close opportunity to watch and ask questions while he’s preparing their meal. You can even make it an interactive cooking class!
And your private chef’s cooking will inspire you and your friends. Beautifully plated, perfectly prepared, with a unique variety of complementary flavors. You can relax, enjoy yourself and feel happy to be giving your family and friends an amazing meal and a unique experience.

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Don’t procrastinate. We want to help you have the best holiday meals and parties this season. The chefs are adding new holiday menus everyday. Our schedule is starting to fill up! Now taking reservations for 2020. Give us a call, send us an email or a chat message to learn more. We look forward to cooking and sharing an amazing meal and experience with you and your loved ones.

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