Private Chef for Athletes

Have all your meals crafted and ready to go by hiring a personal chef from Food Fire + Knives!

Getting healthy, home-cooked nutrition isn’t the easiest thing to achieve these days, but with Food Fire + Knives, your key to having delicious, nutritionally balanced meals made fresh by an experienced chef is just a few clicks away. Our accredited personal chefs offer consistent nutritional excellence for athletes, meaning you can focus on training, while we bring you superior nutrition that fuels performance.

FFK makes it a cinch to reserve a private chef to cook the meals that feed your body to excel, whether it’s for a night, a season, or part of your daily regimen. Our easy booking process gets you there in minutes! Just visit our page, then add your location and start date and you’ll see a list of chefs local to you. Choose your favorite and within 48 hours, you’ll be discussing a nutritional program with an FFK private chef for athletes. With this champion in your corner, your dietary needs are met without lifting a finger.

Choose Your City, Date, Chef, & Menu

Within 48 Hours Your Chef Will Contact You

We Bring It All! Food, Equipment & Cleaning Supplies

Food that Fuels You

When your body’s working overtime, food must be your fuel. People who push their bodies to win need top nutrition but they need their food to taste good, too. With an FFK chef providing meals that promote optimal athletic performance, you know you’re getting what you need to win!

FFK’s culinary pros are experts with numerous food specialties. These accredited masters understand that athletes need high-performance food to fuel their bodies. Our chefs bring you the nutritional support that pushes you over the finish line.

A Private Chef for Busy Athletes

Athletes, professional and amateur, have busy, demanding schedules. Training isn’t something you do when you feel like it. A champion adheres to rigorous training to win, never missing an opportunity to excel. With a nutritionally aware athlete chef in your corner, you leave the fuel to FFK while you push your body to perform.

Food Fire + Knives takes care of the details while you take care of winning. From shopping to cooking and cleaning with supplies brought along for that purpose, an FFK chef does it all. With a nutritionally knowledgeable FFK chef in the kitchen, you’re ready for anything! And you go to the mountain, the track, and the field, fuelled to perform like that champion you are.

Amazing Meals without Compromise

Take back your time by having all your meals freshly cooked for you and your family. All our private chefs for athletes have been vetted and their backgrounds checked to ensure you get the highest quality service from an FFK experience.

Our customers are always our number one priority, so we make sure that all our prices are transparent with no hidden fees. With 24/7 customer care, we’re at your service no matter the time of day.

Culinary Excellence That Wins

With FFK’s reliable service and top-flight customer support, you’re already ahead. Our private chefs for athletes are here to help with total service that supports you. While you train your body, we feed it with all the top-flight nutrition you need to break the tape first.

Get yourself running on all cylinders with the culinary pros at FFK. We’re here for all your special occasions and events, too! Reserve your accredited private chef today!

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