Private Chef and Personal Chef, What’s the Difference?

Some people use the terms ‘private chef’ and ‘personal chef’ interchangeably. You might be thinking, aren’t they the same? Well, there are actually some things that differentiate these two, including what’s included in their services, the hours of work, their clients, and more.

 It’s important that you know those differences so you can tell which of the two you actually require, whether that’s for your five-day vacation or a one-day special event. For instance, right now, you might be wondering if you would need a personal chef or a private chef in Savannah. Well, hopefully, this simple guide can help you decide:

 What is a Personal Chef?

 A personal chef is often a chef and entrepreneur with their own culinary business. Personal chefs get clients for who they pre-cook meals. They do the preparations right in the clients’ homes, usually on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, and the food that they prepare is kept in the fridge and just reheated by the clients.

 Personal chefs work on their own schedule because many of them still run professional kitchens. They may take one or two clients for the extra income. There are personal chefs who do this full time, though, and have multiple clients.

 What is included in their services?

 While the services offered vary from chef to chef, the following is usually included in most personal chef’s list of offerings:

  • Making a customized menu based on the needs and preferences of the client
  • Shopping for the freshest ingredients
  • Preparing meals in the clients’ kitchen
  • Providing a detailed instruction for reheating, freezing, and serving the food
  • Prep the meals and cleaning the kitchen after
  • Providing cooking classes or tutorials (optional).

 What is a Private Chef?

 A private chef is a full-time employee working for a client in their private residence, whether that’s their own home or while they’re on vacation in a hotel or a yacht. They often live or stay where their employers are and may even travel with them so they can prepare meals whenever needed. Most of the time, they are part of the professional staff of a household that also includes butlers, maids, and drivers.

 What is included in their services?

 Often, the employer will have their own set of instructions for the private chef to follow, but these are some of their general tasks:

  • Planning weekly menus for their employer’s family
  • Shopping for fresh ingredients
  • Keeping the kitchen in order (Stock the pantry, keep the kitchen clean, etc.)
  • Preparing fresh meals daily (and snacks as requested)
  • Traveling with their employers when needed.


 As you can see, both a private chef and a personal or in-home chef share a lot of things in common, especially with their tasks or the services they offer. However, there are some key differences.

 A personal chef can have multiple clients at a time, and they do not live in the same residence as their clients. They prepare their clients’ meals in advance, and the clients freeze and reheat them. They set their own hours because they have their own business.

 A private chef, on the other hand, is employed so they can only have one client at a certain period. They often live in the residences of their employers because they need to be able to prepare fresh meals whenever needed, even at odd hours. They usually travel with their employers and other members of the household’s staff, too. Private chefs often establish a personal connection with their employers and their family.

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Published By Michael Casciello