Missing Ingredient in the Kitchen: Artichokes

Since the pandemic began, staying healthy became the number one goal of many. This includes taking care of yourself better through regular exercise, getting enough sleep, and eating healthy. If you think you are already doing a good job in the previously mentioned factors above but are running out of ideas for making healthy meals, here is a missing ingredient in the kitchen that people often fail to remember: artichokes!

It might be uncommon to see artichokes on meals. You might find it on salads and pizzas, but you can prepare so many other meals with it. You can even eat them as snacks, appetizers, and more.

If you are wondering why this article is recommending this unusual, regal vegetable, it is because of the following health benefits:

1: They Are Overflowing With Nutrients

The body needs to get essential nutrients every day, and it needs to get as many nutrients as possible. Adding artichokes to your meals can already give you the following nutrients: 

  • 3.27 g protein 
  • 10.5g carbohydrates
  • 5.4 g fiber
  • 44 mg calcium
  • 60 mg magnesium
  • 370 mg potassium
  • 11.7 mg vitamin c
  • 1.28 mg iron, and many more

The small vegetable can give your body so much, so consider adding it to your diet.

2: They Are a Good Source of Protein

If you are looking for other protein sources besides meat, artichokes will not disappoint you. Artichokes have the most protein, with 3.27 grams in every 100 grams compared to other vegetables. 

According to research from the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, people who consumed meat protein have a higher chance of getting coronary heart disease than those who opted for plant sources. Protein sourced from vegetables is also much healthier compared to the protein derived from animal sources. If a healthier alternative is what you are after, this option will do the trick.

3: They Are Rich in Fiber

Fiber is another essential element that the body needs, yet it is hard to find in other vegetables. If you need to increase your fiber intake, consider adding artichokes to your meal. A half-cup of it already contains around seven grams of fiber. It is already more than the daily recommended amount of fiber for women and one-fifth of the recommended daily intake for men.

More than improving and maintaining your bowel health, this vegetable can also strengthen your gut because it is rich in inulin. This fiber can prevent gastrointestinal issues and enhance one’s immune system.

4: They Can Help You Maintain a Healthy Bodyweight

If your concern is whether it can add to your body weight or not, the answer is no. In fact, a study suggests that a single serving of artichokes only has 25 calories, allowing your body to burn it quickly and maintain a healthy body weight. Munch on this snack instead of the other unhealthy options. 


These are only some of the many health benefits of artichokes. If you want to try something new in your meal, consider adding this ingredient or looking up recipes that utilize it. Aside from trying something new, your body would enjoy the nutritional benefits it would receive.

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Published By Michael Casciello